Your Mobile Phone 2:

by Englishman 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Englishman

    What tune does it play?

    What tune would you really like to hear it play?

    Mine's set to "The entertainer" (The theme from The Sting), however I would really like it to play something more appropriate. Some thing like "Right said Fred's" "I'm too sexy for my shirt" would just suit me nicely.


  • The_Bad_Seed

    I managed to get my phone to play a 'version' of Tower of Song by Leonard Cohen

  • Vivamus

    Eglishman, where did the sexy cat go???

    I am afraid I have a boring mobile phone, it plays no significant tune, just bleep-bleep. Blah!

    It would be cool to have it play "Jaded" by Aerosmith.

  • Matty

    I'm a quiet chap!

    Most of the time mine just vibrates, just in case it's a call from one of my apostate buddies and I'm with my family! And if a mobile phone goes off at my workplace we have to pay a fine to charity!

  • Simon

    Aargh !!! I hate them !!!

    I am in the mobile phone office from hell - it seems it's a pre-requisite to being employed here to have an annoying ring tone and leave your phone on the desk while you go away.

    Do people know why they are called MOBILE Phones? ITS SO YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH YOU

    (can you tell I hate them yet?)

    When it's not on silent, I have one of ones that starts with a few quiet beeps and adds more / gets louder the longer you leave it.

    I did used to have the theme from Mission Impossible. It was one of those few tunes that sounded good on a mobile.

  • Vivamus
    Most of the time mine just vibrates

    Does anybody know that I have a filthy mind? LMAO

  • zenpunk

    Mine just does the double-ring like a British telephone. I used to have a song on it, but when you're getting work calls all day it starts to wear real thin after awhile.

  • Matty

    I was talking about my phone Viv! Get thee behind me! You are a constant source of stumbling to me!

  • ozziepost

    I'm with Simon, I can't abide those stoopid toons that suddenly disturb your slumber, like when you're in a queue at the bank! That, and screaming kids..can't abide it! I'm also old.

    If you've a mobile, just a quick ring is all that's needed....or a vibration's so much better!

  • Mutz

    The theme music from The Great Escape would be a good tune for any ex jw's mobile! :)

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