A piece of me reaching out...

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  • Mimilly

    After I posted, rather, reached out last night, my daughter swooped into the computer chair. I was tired and went,again, to my bed, where my big ol' dog Deigo was snoozing. I snuggled up beside him and 'hung on'.

    I made it through the night - and today I awoke to cooler weather and a broader realization that I am not alone while going through this.

    Reaching out is often terrifying. My worst fear? That no one would notice. I am, again, overwelmed by arms and hearts reaching back.

    I'm still tired, and I have a doctor's appointment to go to. I will try to reply later on as I have a bus to catch.

    I believe I made it through the night because I knew that by following the cardinal rule of reaching out - and reaching out HERE, I'd be held in some way.

    I have come to adore all of you so much -

    Salem xoxoxxooxoxxoxo

  • Matty


    I lurve you lady! I'm sorry I've not been in contact, but I've been away at the district convention (spits!), hopefully my last ever! I'm now desperately trying to catch up on all the posts at jw.com, and it's as if I've been away for a month, not just a few days, It's all gone potty!

    What can I say, other than you keep me going and I need you! You have a huge amount of fans here at jw.com, don't ever disappear!

    Massive respect to you Mim!

  • Angharad


    Please hang in there - so many here care about you.


  • LyinEyes


    I emailed ya , please reply when you feel up to it.

    Love ya , Dede

  • butalbee

    Check your email please...

  • Mimilly

    Well, I was wrong - about the weather that is. It appears I am still living in hell. Saw my doctor, got my meds, chatted with folks I didn't know and barely made it up my street at the end of it. It appears that mother nature thinks we should now grow gills to adapt to this humidity.

    I'm taking the night off here. I'll be somewhere else with AC and no kids to referree. That being said, I'll be back. This place is home and I consider my lesson learned... don't touch the flames cos you might get burned! Hmm, a childhood lesson takes on a whole new meaning.

    Your replies continue to overwelm me, and I will be replying to emails - just not tonight. Bit of a migraine here, and as I look outside, the sky is turning very dark. Perhaps the mother of all thunderstorms will hit - now that I've got the chance to get some AC, mother nature and her bottle of 151proof will cause a power outage. (come on... gotta laugh at the possibilities here )

    I will touch base with you tomorrow and I will carry your thoughts and words with me 'til then.

    You really have helped me, and I want each of you to know that.


  • RedhorseWoman

    (((((((Mimilly))))))))) The weather WILL get cooler. The rain WILL come. And you ARE loved and respected.

  • Sentinel


    I admit, I do not know anyone personally who has experienced what you have gone through in the past, and the great feelings you have now, to go back to that type of "self punnishment".

    But, my heart goes out to you in your dilema. You need to have someone nearby that you can call at times like this. Many people that suffer like you do just need encouragement at the right time.

    I'm glad you got on here, but you need more than just printed words. Usually most areas have Crisis Centers, or Hot Lines. They are there to help anyone who needs someone to talk to.

    This will pass and you will be strong again. When you feel this way, and you find yourself alone, try holding your hands together, and closing your eyes and meditating on any good and positive thing in your life, no matter how insignificant. Call on your higher powers to assist you. I don't mean "god" exactly, but just our universal "parents"--our Father/Mother. When you do this, your inner soul will give you the strength you need to pass through the most horrible times.


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