Cold Water Scuba

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  • LB

    There are lots of things to see in the waters of the NW. Temps are normally around 50 degrees or so, but it's very comfortable if you dress right. Here are a couple of pics I found from diving in Washington. The first is a diver looking at some anenomes and the second is a colorful fish. Something maybe people don't realize exisit outside of tropical waters.

  • Hmmm

    Nice pictures, but what do you do about the shrinkage factor?

  • LB

    OK remember this about shrinkage. Objects appear 30% larger in water than they actually are. So if you insisted that you swim around with your tool hanging out there for sharks, well, you would impress the shark that it was truely a complete meal.

  • Valis

    *L* LB..have you ever done scuba under ice sheets?


    District Overbeer

  • LB

    By ice sheets I guess you must mean below ice? Yes I do that. I dove under Klamath Lake last winter and also under the Klamath River by a power dam. I have never bragged about being bright.

  • Joyzabel

    WOW, LB, thanks for sharing your pictures. I always enjoy them.

    Now about that magnification.....hmm.........

  • Princess

    Was that in Edmonds LB? Really great pictures. I told you I can't handle the breathing under water thing so I have to settle for the pictures.

    Are you and Jill still coming to Edmonds this weekend? We have it on the calendar and Steve is checking the map for the best crab site. I told him I'd email you...and I will.


  • LB

    Tell Steve that the last time I had crabs I just poured a little gasoline on them and it cleared right up. No open flames though. Be careful there.

    We look forward to diving with Steve and seeing you again.

  • nixi

    Here's my favourite cold water diving spot: The Verzasca River in Tessin/Switzerland:

  • Simon

    Wow - that looks incredible. I would love to try something like that one day but alas, it's not a big thing in Manchester (though I guess you start by finding a local club and learn in a pool right?)

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