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  • expatbrit

    I know! How about everyone gets the power to delete the account of one other poster?

    Last one out turn off the lights....


  • Gopher

    When I came on board in March 2001, it was at a time of some upheaval on the board. People were flocking here from H2O, but I wasn't one of those. I was a newbie to internet boards.

    There were a large number of threads containing mainly insults and lengthy arguments. I managed to take it all with a grain, nay, a shaker-full of salt. I posted my story and found immediate support, both from people geographically close and from people as far away as the UK. I read posts and responses that confirmed my doubts about the JW's. I made new friends that helped me fill some of the down-time I had because of being unexpectedly yanked out of the fellowship of the "loving worldwide brotherhood (TM)".

    Perhaps there are technical solutions to help newbies adapt. Or perhaps if we just kept things civil, limiting disagreements to its intended sub-forum, the newer posters could adapt with things pretty much the way they are.

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  • Pathofthorns

    I don't see real problems with threads that contain profanity or controvertial topics. It would seem that the real problems start when threads turn into personal attacks and flame wars and just get downright nasty. But who is to say that all personal attacks will take place in threads in the controvertial sections?

    It would be difficult to label a thread "controvertial" if it starts out tame and ends up in a flame war.

    I believe many of these personal attacks "brew" for quite a while between certain posters and just get out of hand - often in threads that have been taken off their original topic. To try to isolate these threads would be difficult.

    All of this dancing around and worrying about "new people" seems a little bit farfetched in reality. If you can't handle this place then how will you handle losing your family and friends when you leave the organization? If you can't handle a bit of profanity or walk away from an argument or something you don't like, then how will you handle every day life?

    Over and over again it seems people can't resist replying to someone deliberately hijacking a thread. They have to throw in their damn two cents and say the obvious and thereby become part of the problem by continuing to take a thread off topic and bringing it to the top.

    Giving the trolls the "silent treatment" is about the worst thing you can do to them. If you are offended, not replying to a thread and avoiding a confrontation is the best way to send a message to posters looking for attention.

    I think it is best to let people learn the hard way. Drive yourself mad by posting to trolls and reading what you don't like. If you are sick of reading about threads discussing "censorship" then why are you in this thread reading what makes you sick?

    Censorship is needed to save people from their own sick minds.


  • seven006

    <<< Or perhaps if we just kept things civil, limiting disagreements to its intended sub-forum, than the newbies could adapt with things pretty much the way they are.>>>


    Not only have you been around a long time you are also pretty smart. Do you really think this could happen? With anyone being able to just hit the "active topic" button it will be pretty hard to hide any sub-topics.

    If it were a password protect section someone would have to spend a lot of time e-mailing out passwords to those who ask for it. An automatic entry once a posting level hits a certain number would eliminate any time consuming human participation.

    I'm sure there has been a lot of lurkers who were fresh out or were thinking of getting out of the JW's that have been offended by some of the stuff posted here. Those post don't seem to easily go away and unless their is a major crack down on a lot of people they won't go away. Personally I would hate to see that.

    Some of the more controversial threads have had comments by some the best and more informative posters here. We need them as much as we need the new fresh out poster. Just as we seem to need the fluff as well as the deep posts. All I am trying to do is find some kind of balance. It won't be perfect, but it might be better than loosing some old posters to get some new ones. They are equally as important.


  • hillary_step

    I do think that Bitter Mango suggested a very good idea and that is to have an 'adult' forum which one needs to have a password to enter. Anybody who enters does so at their own risk, leaving the main Board a more comfotable place for the majority to sit in when certain threads begin to unravel.

    Any thread that the Board owner wants in that forum, he can put it there. No whining, no argument, no explanation need be given! I do not know how difficult this is to implement, but given Simons obvious talent in writing software code it does not seem beyond the realms of possibility.


  • hillary_step


    We cross-posted.


  • Naeblis

    If someone would walk back to the Witnesses because they heard someone swear here, while at the same time ignoring the swearing in everyday life, then they are brain dead. They belong with the witnesses. This argument itself, while being the most influential one, is the stupidest argument of them all.

  • Gopher


    I see your point that it's hard to hide sub-topics, since many or most people click on "active" to see what's new.

    And I agree that some lurkers / new posters may get scared off by some of the more outrageous things that go on here.

    I just don't think any techie solution will be fair. I say let people read what they read, and handle it how they may -- either choose to stay here or not. Even during the worst times, there are still people joining and saying "this place is a lifesaver".

    If things get too out of hand, Simon and his assistants will throw water on the flames, much to the chagrin of the flamers who cry unfair, and the board will still go on!

    I would tend to resist severe technological changes because the board as it is is user-friendly and open. That's the fairest for all, even if it does make it a bit rough-and-tumble at times because of people who push their freedom maybe too far.

  • seven006


    How will a person get the password in the first place? Who will give them the password and how do you decide who gets it or not? If anyone can get it and if anyone can give it out, than what's the use of having one? What do you do if someone posts the password in the main section? All it does is add another step to a simple concept of "if you don't like it, don't read it" which hasen't seemed to be effective here.

    If everyone on this board was mature and didn't have an ax to grind or didn't have a personal agenda to fulfill or a grudge to keep going a simple "don't read if you don't want to get upset" thought would work. A password protect is just something that will add to Simon's work load. For it to work properly it will have to me monitored. With 6000 registered users, who is going to do that?

    Password protection is an easy thing to set up, it's a hard thing to monitor.


  • hillary_step
    If someone would walk back to the Witnesses because they heard someone swear here, while at the same time ignoring the swearing in everyday life, then they are brain dead.

    Most JW's Neablis are conditioned, not brain dead. They may indeed be shocked by the language used by XJW's. Remember, most people in 'everyday life' are not JW's.

    The issue is whether we should care about the conditioned senisbilities of JW's who come to this site. Like Dave, I feel that we cannot ignore the responsibility we have toward such ones. How do you feel about this particular aspect Neab?

    Best regards - HS

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