I Have A Phycological Problem.

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  • Undecided

    Hi All,

    Recently, for a couple of months I have been nostalgic, thinking about my past. I have visited places where I grew up, my grandparents old homeplace, the place where I was born, the old part of town where my parents used to shop, etc. Things sort of seem sureal sometimes. I have this feeling like I won't live much longer. The postings on this forum seem unreal, sort of like a game. I have an uneasy feeling. Many of the things I used to enjoy I don't anymore. I can't seem to get interested in movies on TV. What is wrong with me???

    Maybe I should change my diet or something. Any suggestions?

    Ken P.

  • sundialer

    Something must have happened a couple of months ago. What was it?

  • outoftheorg

    Hi Undecided. Nice to meet you>

    You don't really give enough information to work with here. Some of what you spoke sounds like the swoon like feeling from low blood sugar level or very low blood pressure.

    Some of it sounds like a mild anxiety attack, or the early onset of depression.

    If it were happening to me I would go to my medical doctor and get an examination.

    If nothing is found I would see a Psychiatrist.MD.

    I would not go to my elders for help. he he.

    Sorry you have these worries. No one really needs more to deal with in life than life itself. Life itself is difficult enough when it is going along somewhat normal.

    Wish yoU well and success in finding this problem.


  • Been there
    Been there

    Ken, hugs to you.

    Do try eating healthier, and get some exercize. Get out taking some walks. It sounds like you are sad and somewhat depressed. It could have been triggered by something that happened to make you long for a less complicated time in your life, or you could be low on vitamins. As you get older you need extra some times, cause your body doesn't absorb them so easily. If it continues after a few adjustments please see your doctor. Men don't like to think of being depressed or anything but it is so easily fixed if that is what it is. Don't hit bottom first. Your chemicals could just be alittle out of whack. Even facing later years could be sitting heavy on your mind. Take in some nature and do some thinking. Take care of yourself.

    Ky Been

  • Joyzabel

    <scratching head and wondering what the word "phycological" means>
  • zenpunk

    I've been extremely depressed the last four or five days (fear of death, etc.). This morning, I made myself get up at 5:30AM and go to the gym and get some major exercise in before work. Exercise and good eating help make those rough spots easier.

  • Scully


    I understand the feelings you're describing, I've been there myself. Get yourself to a doctor and have yourself checked out for clinical depression. The earlier you start treatment, the sooner you'll get better.

    If you haven't had a check up in the last couple of years, it's a good idea to do that too. Sometimes illness causes us to have symptoms that look like depression, but there's actually a different cause that needs to be investigated. Something as simple as a thyroid deficiency can cause depressive symptoms.

    Keep us posted.

    Love, Scully RN

  • Imbue

    You maybe experiencing depression. I believe you once mentioned that your drinking maybe a problem. For some depression often accompanies use of alcohol. I recommend you seeking counseling because medication maybe an alternative to suffering. It would be good to have someone to talk to in person that has experience with these issues.

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  • Undecided

    Thanks for the suggestions. I may be a little depressed, money problems since my wife got laid off from work and I can't pay all the bills. She is also not very happy either. Things will work out I'm sure, just don't know how, right now.

    This feeling of having only a short time to live I don't know where it's comming from. I'm due for my yearly check-up, maybe that will help. It's not really that bad but it's not my usual self, I'm usually happy and optimistic about almost everything.

    Someone suggested more exercise, I think you are right, it's been so hot lately I've stayed inside and haven't done anything lately to get any exercise. I don't have the stamina I had a few months ago and give out of breath very easily.

    I'll let you all know how I deal with this.

    Ken P.

  • minimus

    See a doctor right away. You may be despondent because of all the crap that you've had to deal with. Plus any physical problems could affect you, too. Don't despair! There's a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

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