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  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Bill Bowen has started an organized effort to help innocent vicitms and their families to recover from the abuse they suffered and the way the WTS has handled their cases. He has started a thread to see if anyone among us here at would like to help in those efforts.

    Someone, who we are all familiar with, has disrupted Bill's request with equally insensitive remarks and intent as that of the recently deactivated Fred Hall and Bleep. This is not right! He states that he has the right to post anywhere and say anything he wants, well, hopefully Simon has a different answer!


  • hawkaw


    I don't know. I just don't know.

    This is a public forum. Unless there is some sort of swearing or something going on I just don't think it is right.

    Yes he hijacked the thread but that too plays an important role. It shows just how insane these people are for those "thinking" JWs coming to this site.

    I personnally made a comment to Bobby as well as to Bill's post. I don't have a problem.

    Leave the thread be and don't edited the thread.


  • Prisca

    I agree with you. I'm sick and tired of the way You Know hijacks threads of importance on this site. Why can't he just exercise some self-control and stay away from these things?

    Also, the hijack would go no where if people didn't respond to him. He says things to deliberately inflame, and his little game works, because people respond to him and his inane replies. If more people ignored him, he wouldn't have as much fun, and he might start posting as a normal adult would.

  • JanH

    By all means, let's have everyone we disagree with deleted!

    "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." (a quotation applied to Voltaire)

    Seems like pigs can learn to walk on two legs (read Orwell's Animal Farm if you don't get it)

    - Jan

  • Mary

    I've always had a sneaking suspicion that You Know and Fred Hall are one and the same person.........they're just both so void. I say Simon should ban whoever this troll is who's trying to disrupt Bill's thread. Free speech only goes so far. People have to be responsible for their actions, and if they want to behave like total idiots, disrupting everything then they shouldn't enjoy the freedom to post anywhere.

  • Prisca


    If I highjacked your essay threads each and every time, you'd be screaming for my deletion!

  • You Know
    You Know

    If hypocrisy had an odor, then I would have to say that apostate Dubdom reeks like a hog farm. Free speech? Sure, as long as Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to state their opinions and fairly defend their faith. Hijacking threads? 'That's terrible,' unless of course it's one of YK's threads, in which case no apostate's frantic antics are considered off bounds. / You Know

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    He has a right to express his personal opinions and if anything I wonder about people who oppose that. When he says something you disagree with do what I do, tell him and other readers why. I vote with Jan to allow freedom to stand even though I disagree with You Know's commentary. Surely we're big enough to handle it, whoever CC Ryder and Mary may be. YK has not opposed silentlambs acting to expose the Watchtower Governing Body as an apostate body allowing pedophilia and who affiliated with the United Nations etc, just said do it differently.

  • plmkrzy

    I recieved an e-mail regarding Silent Lambs March and where to find stuffed animals for the event.

    Here is a link to one that I personally liked and chose.

    It is also inexpensive.

    Faith Lamb

  • Prisca

    Looks like they were pretty popular.......

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