An Apology Before Bedtime....

by Valis 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • xenawarrior

    You RAWK!!!


  • lauralisa

    Hey Valis,

    I don't have clue one about what you guys are talking about but I love ya too

    big hug, laura

  • Dino

    You've got a big heart and Im always drawn to you traveling brothers who give of themselves so selflessly.

    But the biggest reason I like you is you know your Mexican food.

    Ojeda's on Maple ROCKS!!!!!!!


  • Hungout

    It take a man to admit he was wrong and apolgize....

    your a good person Valis and I hope the board treats you as such.

    Some of the people on here are immature and cant be nothing but arrogant assholes ... over and over again......

    the funny thing is most of the people accept them back even after they been abused by them???

    go figure?????

  • Robdar

    Hungout said:

    "the funny thing is most of the people accept them back even after they been abused by them???

    go figure?????"


    Around here disagreements happen all the time; even among friends. Why should a heated debate/argument ruin a good friendship? A good argument can actually enhance a friendship, make it stronger.



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  • MrMoe

    I wasn't going to post... but thought Valis deserved as much...

    I luv u too, Valis...

  • LB

    All right Amanda.

    Now that we've almost resolved this.

    off with your blouses!!!

  • larc

    Mr. Moe, I was at Kent's place today, and read your comment about Simon's comment in chat, over here. Was that true? If so, do you have docuementation?

  • TheStar

    I haven't been around for a couple of days... I always miss the fights on the weekend. Can't you guys wait to fight on weekdays so I can feel like I'm a part of the family fued???

    Whatever it was, any person that can apologize in this way is a grand person indeed.

    Love ya Valis.

  • MegaDude

    "Blessed are the pot smokers and those who partake of the Bong. For they shall be called the harbingers of peace."

    The Book of Valis, Chapter 14, vs. 23.

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