An Apology Before Bedtime....

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  • Valis

    The Overbeer is finishing up his last can of spiritual food for the night and has had some time to contemplate the past weekend's insanity before going off to a bit of somnambulation. First, please excuse my behavior yesterday, as it was a bit harsh and not what I want to be. Now then...

    Moe, I apologize for getting on your case. Just remember I care for you and I chat/post just like I speak. That may be of little consolation, but I hope it helps. Please come back soon and I have something for you from Derek, just ask him about it and get in touch with me.

    robdar, already gave you my apologies, but hey, now everyone knows I am not a total asshole.

    To any and all that I may have ticked. I have met so many people from this board and love each and every one of them. To those of you who I have not met, this is true even if I haven't had the pleasure to meet you face to face. I suppose its the caring for this board and the people on it that gets me riled sometimes and try not to fault me too much for that. *L*

    And Simon. Dude, thanks for putting up with me and for the the correspondence all throughout the past year of my association with the board. I hope I haven't made too much work for Mr. Angharad.

    Good night all and I'll see you on the morrow as long as Armageddon doesn't get here first.


    District Overbeer of the "mea culpa" class

  • Gopher

    Good to hear from you Valis. Your heart is always in the right place !! Your overbeerial work will continue to be cherished, as will you and your contribution to this board.


  • Robdar


    Yes, you have already apologized to me even though no apologies were necessary. I have always thought of you with the highest regard. I admire your intelligence and perception.

    Thank you for graciously accepting my apologies to you.



  • WildHorses

    Do you ever get that tingly, giggly feeling in your heart when you know someone did the right thing?

    Well, I just did! I chatted with Amanda a little earlier tonight when I came home from work. God, I hate that my old age is showing and I can't remember what I told her about you, but it was good anyway.

    Thanks Valis for comfirming my feelings about your good heartedness.


  • Beck_Melbourne


    You're all kewl stuff and then some!! I have always liked your posts...and you can't say nuthin' that will change that...I'm one of your groupies don't ya know LOL.

    Stay kewl Valis!


  • sunshineToo

    Valis, you talk sometimes roughly, but always prove that you are big enough and mature enough, not to mention humble enough to admit your mistakes and to apologize.

    I think you are a nice person.

  • SYN

    I knew you'd come through, Valis.

  • Prisca

    What a kewl guy you are, Valis! You're a real man in my books.

  • onacruse

    U da man, val!

    "The only person who doesn't make a mistake is one who isn't doing anything anyway"


  • plmkrzy

    (((((((((VALIS))))))))) your AOK

    plum & Fam


    "The only person who doesn't make a mistake is one who isn't doing anything anyway"

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