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  • musky

    1914 will be turned into a symbolic year somehow, to prolong the time of the end.

    Patio, Interesting thoughts. splinter groups

    mulan, I don't know any witnesses that celebrate birthdays. I must be missing something. My family seemed to always have turkey and stuffing on thanksgiving. They said it was not celebrating. I didn't care. food was good.

  • Beans

    The New Light will be The Canadian Overbeer bearing gifts at the next Apostfest!


  • anewlife

    I have to agree with Mulan....there MUST be a change in the way people are disfellowshipped, especially since they've changed this before. This time I think they will acknowledge them IF they come to the KH for meetings...greetings will be exchanged and words of "spiritual" encouragement. However, they will not be invited to any of the "friend's get-togethers" until AFTER they are reinstated.

    By changing policy and doing things this way they can quash those of us who have been shunned to the severist extent and accused the WTBTS of not having any "brotherly love". After all, this is the basis of the "true religion" and they must show this to the apostates and the "worldlies" that we are the ones that are wrong...not the Organization. Just my opinion.


  • hillary_step

    I believe that the WTS will get out of the Biblical chronology game entirely, detach themselves from 607-1914 by claiming that what is most important is the visible 'sign' that Jesus gave in Matt 24, not Biblical interpretations. They will buy themselves a renewed sense of loyalty with this ploy.

    These people have cunning to burn, do not be surprised at any stunt they pull to exonerate themselves for the long term emotional bullying they have practiced and that led many to an early death - HS

  • JT

    new definition of the FDS= anyone who has proven to be faithful to jah for many years= long time bethel heavies who are now in charge

  • JT

    I think DFing become less in terms of having Judical meetings which puts the wt at libel on issues, instead they will shift more issues over from DFing to DA classification

    i can see the wt having a mag on "HOW ONE DA THEMSELVES" in the article is will annouce that due to the last days one MUST ID whose side of the issue one is on- this will be done the following way

    the elders will ask all publishers to ID anyone who is baptized and has ceased to be involved and are living in the territtory or if you know where some one has moved to so that the local elders can contact them

    we have discussed this issue on this site before in fact where it is concieveable that the elders will be instructed to contact anyone who is inactive and ask them DO YOU WANT HELP TO COME BACK TO JAH if they answer yes a pub or pio will be assigned to them to get them back to the meetings and out in service

    IF THEY SAY NO they will be informed by the elders that by saying no they are rejecting the hand of jah that that he is using by means of this earthly organization and therefore you are rejecting the living congregation of god and have indicated that you no longer want to be associatied with jah spirit directed org and the congo will be informed in 7days of your choice and you will be considered A DAed PERSON

    The org can not continue to have jw who fade way only to reappear whenever they want to being free to talk to current jw with the risk of poisoning thier minds, by classifing such inactive ones as DAed then the rank and file will know to REJECT ANYTHING THEY HAVE TO SAY

    I don't have any problem seeing the wt put such an arrangement to ID and classify everyone connected to the org

    either you ARE FOR US OR AGAINST US

    with the Aug KM it is clear that DFing is still one of thier most powerful tools

    i just feel they will get rid of the DFprocess since so many eldes jack up the program by not even following WT directions due to being so unqualified- as ray says even the society knows they have unqualifed men even by thier own funky standards

    DAing removes the elders from having to make any decisions ,use any judgment, make any choices, etc

    by providing jw with a list of what consitutes DAing it becomes a no brainer

    all a jw has to do is look on the list and if the person is doing anything on the list BAM!!!!!!!!!!!

    HE HAS DA HIMSELF this process is very clean and effective and has little to no lega kickback due to no action on the part of the wt or is representives (elders c0 do)are needed

    just my 2

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Shine a bright enough light on them and they'll see it, apart from the totally blind they usually wince in shame if the light is strong enough shine a bright enough light on the part you want changed and they'll "recieve the new light".


  • dmouse

    I agree, A Paduan, many of the catalysts for change come from without, rather than from within.

    Tightening up of their child abuse policies came about as a direct result of apostate exposure, helped by the media, and I'm sure further changes will be made.

    Besides pressure from us 'apostates' there is also pressure exerted by the passing of time -as every year passes their prophecies look weaker and weaker. That was why they changed the understanding of the term generation and effectively unhooked it from 1914, the passing of time meant that the generation of 1914 did die out! Something will still definitely have to be done about the year 1914 though, that's another century away already in peoples minds! I too predict that 1914 will be downgraded somehow, maybe even abandoned altogether like their previous prophetic years (i.e. 1799, 1874, 1918, 1925, 1975) can you imagine trying to convince people today that the end times started in 1799!

    Time will also cause changes with regard to the anointed - maybe a new class of Chieftains will run the show. A new understanding of what is meant by the scripture 'on account of the chosen ones' (Current understanding says that Armageddon needs to come within their lifetime). The change may be that the chosen ones are no longer the anointed but all faithful JWs (the end of the world will be postponed yet again).

    The blood issue will gradually become irrelevant as modern technology saves their asses, but in the meantime it will become a matter of conscience, as will celebrating of birthdays.

    Disfellowshipping will remain - after all they thrive on control and fear. This is their main way of controlling the flock and they will not give that up lightly.

    Reporting hours will remain - it's how they chose the 'gifts in men', the more hours you do the more privileges you get. However, the provision of remaining an active witness will be met by simply ticking a box which says that you have spent an undefined amount of time talking about Jehovah (i.e. to a neighbour); this will help massage the figures, slowing decline for a while.

    The Internet will be heavily demonised, and while it won't be explicitly banned all JWs will know that browsing the net at home is akin to watching pornography. Indeed, all references to the Internet and email in the latest magazines are noticeably negative.

    Other possibilities:

    The Awake! will be incorporated into the Watchtower magazine to save money.

    JW faith schools will start to open to stop pollution of youths by the world, though this may be difficult as there won't soon be many educated JWs to teach the youngsters the three Rs.

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  • butalbee

    Who knows??????????/ They make up new crap almost every day.

  • minimus

    WOW....GREAT COMMENTS....JT's especially intriguing!

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