Double Dog Dare: My Bio

by onacruse 37 Replies latest jw experiences

  • PopeOfEruke

    Didn't Mickey get a divorce from Minnie on the grounds that she was ****-ing Goofy??


  • animal


    Our stories have some similarities. My JW days ended tho when I was about 16 or so tho, so I had most of my adult life to sort thru things and make lots of decidions outside the org.... tho most were wrong decisions, they were mine, not others.

    As I told you before, feel free to yell if you run into a wall of sorts. Some of us have scaled those walls already and can help, or at least give you a boost over them.

    I tell my friends that are very used to one way of living... mostly biker types... your comfort zone is like having a rope encircling your feet. It is uncomfy to step outside of that rope, sometimes scarey. Kick the rope sometimes, make your limitations less and less each day. You will not only enjoy life more, but more people will enjoy it with you.


  • Robdar


    Interesting bio. Thank you for sharing. You are a valuable addition to this forum and lots of fun in chat.



  • ugg

    onacruse,,,,you have spoken of your mom,,,but how does your dad and
    family treat you now???????? what about your step children???????
    how did you get your heart to quit hurting so you could function??

    i do not mean to get too personal onacruse,,,, i just am wondering how
    to cope to make changes that a person feels that might be needed.

    you have gone through so much,,,i hope you continue to grow and be
    the person you want to be....hope the best for you...

  • Beck_Melbourne

    Enjoyed your post/bio Craig and I'm especially looking forward to reading more of your contributions on seem to have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer...the interchange will be most welcome.


  • onacruse

    Thanks, everyone. You are all too kind, putting up with my blabber!

    Plum: Here I was just getting to like you, and then you go confusing me with Farkel! My life has been challenging, but by no means THAT challenging! hehe

    Max, Cassi: I'm more than a little jealous. You 2 have a great relationship, and I am glad for you both. Give me another 50 years, I'll get there!

    Spider: I've been in construction for 30 years. Got my left hand tangled up in a table saw in the early 90s, had a year of reconstructive surgeries. Went to college as a midlife career change, to get a BS in Civil Engineering. Halfway there. Right now I'm a jobsite superintendent with an MBWA (=management by walking around). College, and especially the humanities courses, was one of the best things I ever did. Always thought I was fairly smart, but only when I went to college did I realize that, in so many ways, I was really dumb as a post. I swear I'm gonna keep going to school until the day I die.

    Pope: I vigorously deny that rumor! And besides, you don't have 2 witnesses.

    Animal: Right on! I've got a lot of room to grow, considering that my "circle" has been about a 2-foot diameter. I've got your ICQ, when I hit another wall, I'll be screamin at ya, for sure!

    Robyn: Chattin with you is a genuine pleasure; your strength in the face of adversity is incredible!

    Ugg: Coping with change, my oh my, you have a hard row to hoe compared to me. All I can say about my fam is that I have it better than most. As far as recovery, my heart still hurts a lot, I just need to keep sharing with and learning from folks like you.

    Beck: Thanks! I'll expect a card from you when I become a Jedi!


    Oops! Blondie and outnfree, didn't mean to leave you out! Yep, one day at a time, and I'm here to stay.

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  • Prisca

    Glad you're here. There's something about your presence here that has a good vibe..... It's been a pleasure talking to you in the chat room, and I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Welcome to the board!

  • bikerchic

    Glad to make your aquaintance Craig! I won't however meet your double dog dare, at least not yet in totality in this public forum although I have given a few bits-n-pieces in some of my posts.

    My hat is off to you for riding the great roller-coaster ride you've been on and you still have a great sense of humor along with great advise and wisdom to whomever seems to be in need. That my friend is a friend worth keeping. As I can see you have a lot of new friends here who feel pretty much the same way as I do.

    Hang in there Craig, when the highs are high you are always here to help others and when the lows are low please remember it only takes an "ut-oh" on ICQ or a "chit-n-chat" and you have many people who are honored to call you friend and return a kind favor.

    I too count my lucky stars for finding this place to come to heal, my wish for you is that you continue to live life fully and well, it is the best answer to those who taunt us, aka: The Borg, the Xes and the rest of the bastids! ;o)

    One question I have regarding being d'fed for apostasy, I was under the understanding that you could not be reinstated or come back to the "troof" if you committed the biggest "A", is that right?

    bc ((((((((((bighugs!))))))))))

  • DakotaRed

    What a bio, Craig. Other than not being raised a JW, we seem to have much in common, especially being unable to find a decent mate My first two wives were adulterous and the third is a hardline JW, so close. Thanks for posting your bio.

    Lew W

  • gold_morning

    Hi Craig,

    Sorry I did not welcome you sooner. I stop in occasionally and don't post too often. When I read stories like yours it never ceases to amaze me the hurt the organization has caused. I am so sorry. It twisted me up for many many years.

    We all heal differently and find avenues to venture forth. I had spent 16 years in a limbo land because of them. I really felt I could not worship or pray. I had no chruch (ooohh bad word ) to attend and just went thru the days and years empty. I lost everyone I ever knew.

    For me, it ended 4 years ago when I decided to tackle it head on. I just started reading the bible with religion the furtherest thing from my mind. I dislike religion. For me, it was a real healing venture!! I just could not believe that what I was reading was so different then the JW teachings.

    I stayed with God and am so grateful Jesus is my savior. Forget religion!! I just wanted to let you know that if the loving God thing bothers you, there is still hope to love and have him in your life dispite what they said. I know, I have been there. I never ever thought I could have God in my life again. It is possible.

    I wish you the very best....... I mean the very all of you on the board that are hurting.

    much christian love gold morning

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