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  • bikerchic

    Welcome to the board DJ a very heart warming story and imagine you learned the true meaning of christian love AFTER you left the borg! I wish much peace and happiness to you and your family.


  • Swan

    Dear Donna,

    You have been through so much! My heart goes out to you. I hope you find this place a place of peace and healing, as I have.


  • jgnat

    If you don't mind, I have taken your paragraph and made a list.

    (I am a compulsive list maker).

    To Win my Loved Ones Back

    1. It was a trial for me of extreme patience and tongue holding
    2. I simply bombarded them with loving words to defeat their nastiness. The key was just never ending love.
    3. Silence in the face of their ranting is helpful sometimes
    4. other times just a gentle word or two would do.
    5. They are victims, self-righteous as they may be, they are still victims.
    6. To gently show the love of Christ through words or deeds proved to tame them eventually.
    7. I do whatever needs to be done for my parents because I love them despite their nonsense
    8. There is no mystery here, just doing for others what I would want done for me, loving them

    I've got my papa's love back and they can never ever take him from me again.

    Thank you DJ, for your words of wisdom.

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  • Sentinel


    What a remarkable story. You are a very strong person.

    Welcome to this forum. Most of us here lend an ear and have our say. We tell our experiences and ask our questions.

    Although I do not share your "religious" experience, it is obvious that your new found faith has given you the strength you need to live this life.

    Love and Light,


  • TR

    Hey DJ,


    Glad things are going well, finally.


  • Dogpatch

    Thanks Donna!

    It was sure good to hear from you!!

    Give your miracle husband my regards as well,


    Randy Watters

    Net Soup!


  • Prisca

    Welcome to the board (((donna)))

  • casey6

    Hi Donna. I too just registered to this forum. I loved your letter. I, like your father have a brain tumor and thatis the very thing that brought me out of the Org. When I first became ill I started to look at my own mortality for the first time in my life. I grew up an orthodox christian. I married my wife in 1993. I had no idea of her beliefs in spiritual matters. She is not a JW, but the majority of her family is. We used to attend the kingdom hall and we were progressing to baptism. When I became ill, I started to question that if I die, where exactly was I going. Even though I studied with the witnesses, and attended some of the meetings, I was not going to be saved according to their doctrine. That revelation ultimately led me to the truth about the JW's. Since I was not totally controlled by them yet, I was not afraid to look for myself. I felt I had the freedom to look for outside information. And look I did. It all started with a web site macgregorministries.org. I bought a new international version of the bible and stopped reading the JW bible. I compared many of the scriptures that the JW had changed and it all became quite clear they had changed the bible to support their doctrines. The very thing they preach about christsomdom doing, they had done. I was deeply hurt. All they had ever done I felt was lie to me. My relationship today with my witness family is not that great. I think they all feel that since my brain surgery and radiation and chemo treatments some part of my brain was affected and that is why I turned away from the JW's.

    Good luck to you and I will pray for your father. I like yourself now have a relationship with Jesus and through him I know that however my illness turns out I will be okay.

  • DJ

    Dear Casey6,

    I am sorry to hear about the tumor. You seem to me like you are doing very well! Thankyou for your letter and you will be in my prayers! I am really glad that you have come to Jesus too! love,dj

    To Everyone,

    I appreciate all of your kindness and relate to your pain. As far as me being strong, it's not true. I have only done what I needed to do. I had a choice I suppose, either lay down and die or get through it. Thankyou so much for responding to me with such love. dj

  • mamashel

    WOW DJ!!! That story really touches home. My hubby is my best friend in the whole world. Your story is such an inspiration. I have really enjoyed chatting with you and all your e-mail too. Love you lots. Stay strong, you are the backbone of your family thru Christ!!


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