Silentlambs new logo?

by mikepence 18 Replies latest jw friends

  • mikepence

    No offense taken. I would love to enterain alternate designs.

  • apostate

    Without the URL ( ) the logo does not have much meaning for most people.

  • SixofNine

    Apostate actually has a very good point. The web-site probably ought to be part and parcel of any logo that will be seen anywhere. It is, after all, the raison-d'etre for getting eyes on the logo in the first place.

    Mike, I have a girlfriend who is quite the activist, and a great logo designer, actually a great all around designer/artist. I'll give her a call this evening and see if she has time or interest. She would be a great resource.

  • scootergirl

    This is just my opinion, but I don't like the logo. First, I have to agree w/the color. Teal is kinda "whimpy". Secondly, it looks too weak. It looks like a child's fairy tale cartoon.

    Thanks for letting me have my opinion..........

  • abbagail

    Teal is my favorite color, but it's too "nice" of a color for what the lambs have been through. Possibly a color could be used which depicts more grahically the PAIN, like, say, blood red? I dunno... but scooter girl said it best -- teal (and stars) looks like cutesy-nice cartoons on the wallpaper of a newborn's nursery.

    I agree 100% the website address needs to be in the logo, and the #800 (WT-ABUSE).

    Also, I thought I saw somewhere along the line, a silent lambs pic with the lambs' mouths taped shut. I think that DEFINITELY should be part of the logo, since that's the whole point - they were/are SILENCED.

    Thanks for asking, and thanks for putting forth the effort.


  • Scully

    I like it, but having just one lamb in the corner doesn't show the magnitude of the pedophile problem in the JWs.... what about a whole flock of lambs with the shadow of the Tower coming over them....

    love, scully

  • Dia

    I'm very sorry but I don't like it either.

    The lamb looks like he's doped up and passively drifting off to a 'heavenly' place.

    "Slaughter" comes to mind.

  • Simon

    I think the logo looks too glitzy with the stars. I think the current one with the cross over the mouth is good and maybe just needs cleaning up a bit (looks like it's been resized a few times)


    YA ALL R RIGHT about the LOGO, etc. I have a gut level feeling about this pervert stuff has only just begun but please consider MY idea about the stuff lamb for KIDS to hug on to as theY cry themselves to sleep...SNIFFFFF I still have my times when I need something to hug on too,, GOING into a court room is damned scarey to even adults..I would be willing to buy one to put on my bed (TWIN) and not 4 selling purposes but to remind me of crapass BRO AYERS (pervert now decd) and there are more where he comes from..In this community 1,400 registered and in the entire state of CALIF. USA 50,000 ...oh well so much 4 my posting---have a good SUNDAY doing what ever.. ((((((((healing hugs)))))) QUEENIE aka LINDA LOU

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