Why did you join JW's?

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  • Farkel

    : Why did you join JW's?

    I didn't. I was hijacked as a baby and brainwashed from there.


  • Valis

    Not a choice for me, but here's the reason's I'm am currently involved.

    I'm a Jehovah basher for lots of reasons, where shall I start? The bashing is usually directed at people and concepts, not always just JWs either..just to clarify.

    17 years of jehovah this and Jehovah that from people I assumed were my friends and family

    The eternal insults to one's intelligence by the WTBS while in and out of the borg which are evident just by reading personal experiences here and thier own website for Dog's sake

    The consistent lack of a coherent family all my life because of the incessant following of JW rules by those around me, some relatives will have little if anything to do w/me....

    My parent's attempts to take my children to the KH and sneak in JW cartoons like thier Noah video, despite my wishes

    Dead family members, my cousin who went crazy after help from the loving BOE, my grandmother Prindle who wouldn't do blood transfusions or bone marrow transplants

    At least 8 family members (some other new families we learned after the fact he did the same thing to) that were abused by the same man who remained a Witless for many years, he still lives somewhere in Irving texas BTW....he should hope he dies before we ever meet....

    My home schooled brother who can barely write a legible sentence and is now incarcerated and has little hope of a decent life, so much for keeping him away from bad association....

    The sister w/Down's Syndrome who will go to live w/JWs when my parents die and will probably disappear from my life entirely once that happens

    The very concept of jehovah or God or whatever leaves little if anything to be desired. Folks would be better off getting a good self help book and calling it good. There are so many other ways people can get the "feel good" reassurances that life has meaning, yet many are not strong enough in the thinking dept to see that. Not trying to offend my friends here who believe in Dog really, just calling it like I see it.


    District Overbeer

  • anewlife

    Bay64me: The fact that you're dealing with it means you're on your way out of a dysfunctional life!!! You refuse to stay trapped!!! I applaud you! Hang in there!

    Farkel: You're so funny!


  • anewlife

    (((((((((Valis))))))))) I understand!

  • FreeFallin

    I was an immature, depressed 22 year old. They were so nice and had the answers to every question I posed. They also promised me life on paradise earth. Hey, how could I refuse?


  • LB

    Yep they sure have all the answers.

    Now I have spoken with Mrs. LB and asked her why she joined. I would feel better about myself had I asked her if my butt is big I think. She says (her view only) that she joined because she used to have respect for her husband whom she used to think was fairly bright.

  • DanTheMan

    At 22, I was a babe in the woods. High School had been a complete disaster for me, I almost didn't graduate even though I had more than enough intelligence to make it through the local public education system. After HS, I went from job to job, living with mom and using my employment income to buy marijuana. I didn't like smoking pot, but a bag of pot guaranteed that people would be willing to hang out with me, at least for a while. At 22, I was a very depressed and directionless soul, desperate for a surrogate mother to take over my life and give me a sense of purpose I didn't have. I hated everything and everybody, my outlook was completely nihilist, and when JW's came along with their "Join us, God's gonna kill everybody except us and we're gonna live forever" message, I, being the emotionally stunted, self-centered, desperate mess that I was, took to it like a dog takes to barking. I took the plunge within 10 months of my first JW contact. And now you know, the REST of the story!

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