New video: Warning Examples for Our Day

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    Has anybody seen this thing? I couldn't believe their choice of subject matter! I found out about it on

    It's about Phineas, Zimri and Cozbi in Numbers 25. That heartening Scriptural account which "climaxes" with the description in verses 7 through 9:

    "When Phineas the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest caught sight of it, he at once got up from the midst of the assembly and took a lance in his hand. Then he went after the man of Israel into the vaulted tent and pierced both of them through, the man of Israel and the woman through her genital parts. At that the scourage was halted from upon the sons of Israel. And those who died from the scourge amounted to twenty-four thousand."

    Stuff like this in the Bible was a major factor in terms of convincing me that it's not God's Word. Sure, I was able to accept it when I was indoctrinated into taking it as something abstract: "Jehovah took decisive action," "it was time to root out evil from the midst of the congregation," "the purity of God's chosen nation was preserved," and blah blah blah.

    What this really comes down to is an exceptionally disgusting and gory murder.

    Boy, Phineas, was there ANY other more tactful way to express your disapproval?

    Oh well. I can only imagine that the video is an attempt to use the sledgehammer to keep the flock in line. "Warning Examples for Our Day" indeed. How do they depict this revolting scene, I wonder? Considering all the years of "fine admonition" against watching R- and X-rated videos...


  • Gopher


    Don't you get it? The lord's "faithful and discreet class" were "moved" by Jehovah's spirit to provide this video food at the proper time. It serves to help keep Jehovah's flock from association with worldlings (or even worldly organizations such as the U.N. and the U.S. Navy) since the end is right around the corner!

    And as SYN would say , this is all Bible-based (TM).

    Any who reject such loving warning messages must be rejected as anti-Jehovah.

  • Celia

    And as SYN would say , this is all Bible-based (TM).

    Are you sure the TM goes to SYN ? I thought it was Farkel ? ! ...

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  • Gopher


    Yeah SYN lately borrowed the idea... that's where it was from, Farkel! You're right, Farkel owns the trademark.

  • Faraon

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    I saw it a month or so ago, when it first became available to Bethelites. I don't think it could have failed to drive home its point to anyone.

    Do not become fearful of those who remove the pants

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    Yeah, the point (of the lance) was driven home all right!

    That's what happens when the brainwashed don't have fun with other brainwashed.

    Now, that was a real coitus interruptus!

  • minimus

    They probably depict the scene like they amateurishly did in the drama.

  • abbagail

    If Phinehas would take that lance in his hand and "Bobbet Style" go drive it through the genitals of every single JW Pedophile/molester/rapist/abuser AND elder who "covered them up," including every single GB member, I would be One Happy Camper!


  • happy2b

    I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm just thankful to BE OUT of such a embarrassing religion. I had been a JW for 36 years. I've been there, done that and am embarrassed by it. I've shunned people that had the sense to become their own person, I didn't go to college for fear of being put down, as a child, I was always the 'different' kid in class. I'm thankful that my children get to lead 'normal' lives. They are well adjusted kids. I feel sorry for those of you that never get to see the 'truth' about what's really going in the organization and, especially at Bethal.

    Happy 2 B OUT!!

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    You gotta wonder why Phineas in this instance was praised for ``taking decisive action.'' Hadn't he heard of ``waiting on Jehovah?'' Or wasn't his God capable of vaporising the offending pair? What's your message here, oh Pharisees of Brooklyn, ``decisive action'' (bloody murder) or ``waiting on Jehovah?''

    As the late and largely unlamented Carl Klein said of Freddie Franz (he meant it as a compliment): ``Freddie can rationalize anything!''

  • Gopher

    We're with you, happy2b. Most of the posters on this board wholeheartedly are glad to be apart from the hypocrisy of our former religion. And that was the point of this post, that they sit there in judgment on all others, as shown by a video like this. They compare the whole world around them to a cesspool, or to a Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Of course they themselves are culpable for many reasons enumerated throughout this board, such as their life-sucking no-blood policy, and their pedophile-ignoring two-eyewitness policy, to name just two. But of course they believe that warning examples only apply to all outsiders and not to them.

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