Catholic Church/JW media connection

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    Bill/Silent Lambs and SF and others have been dropping BIG HINTS all over this board that something HUGE is in the works, so I wouldn't go to sleep YET thinking this is all behind us. I remember when I first came on this board last fall, and some were dogging Bill because Dateline had not aired yet, which I thought was pretty lousy of them (I mean it was obvious the 9-11 WTC events took precedence for a long time thereafter). And when Dateline aired, who was it that dragged their feet? Not Dateline, but the WTS who took six months to provide a reply to Dateline.

    So, Have Faith! I have no idea what's coming, any more than the next person. But I think it's good strategy it is kept under wraps until showtime, the reason being (per a SilentLambs post) so the Bethel lurkers will not get a heads up beforehand of where the next missiles are coming from. Can't wait!

    Minimus, LOL on the joke from the comedian. IF ONLY it were true (that there were too many witnesses among the witness abusers...)

    As far as the C.Church, they only faced up to the issue AFTER YEARS OF PRESSURE. So I wouldn't give them a crown of glory. Remember the scripture to the slave, "You are doing exactly what you SHOULD BE DOING." And the Cardinals of the C.Church have instituted discipline on some of their pedophiles, but they have YET to punish THEMSELVES as the MAIN deceivers and manipulators who covered-up the dirty-deeds of their lower-priestly-brethren.

    However, it is a good Topic For Discussion, as all of you have described, if/when you get the ear of anyone interested in the subject of child safety, be it JW or Catholic.


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