Catholic Church/JW media connection

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  • joeshmoe

    I've spoken to several people regarding the catholic churches child abuse scandals. I always bring up the issue as it pertains to JW's as well. The comment that seems to end such discussions is something along the lines of:

    "At least they are now making changes, correcting situation, etc."

    Which, of course, is exactly wrong in the case of JW's.

    Yes, the Catholic Church has been fairly open in it's dialogue regarding both the problems and the solutions. But absolutely NOTHING has changed in the JW policies.

    But because the two are linked in many peoples minds, they fail to realize the radical differences in the response of both churches. They simply lump the two together, and assume what is being reported most broadly -- the catholics -- is reflective of what is happening across the board.

    WE know that isn't true, but will anyone else realize this before the issue becomes a media dodo bird?


  • SYN

    Dub HQ has made a big show of their policy which supposedly "protects the children" (BWHAHAHA), but we find that at a Congregational level, the Legal Desk still has to be called, thus they feel that the Society should decide how to handle Child Abuse, and with their delightful "Two Witness" policy, we all know what THAT means, don't we?

  • joeshmoe

    Would you be surprised is there was no further media coverage? I don't think I would be. Dateline and CNN were high points, but I think the media has already decided viewers have lost interest.

    Meanwhile, the abuse will continue.

  • silentlambs

    doubt not.....


  • joeshmoe

    Just call me Thomas.

    I don't doubt you, but there does seem to be a misconception (admittedly, based on a pretty small sample).

    There is a radical difference in response between JW's -- who have refused the evidence -- and catholics -- who have more or less openly dealt with it. I want more people to see that!

  • sf


    [[ ", but I think the media has already decided viewers have lost interest." ]]

    Ditto on Bill's comments..."doubt NOT".

    Good 'things' (for INNOCENT, ABUSED, TRAPPED JW KIDS) come to those who wait. Yet not on 'jehovah'.

    It is imparitive that you stay current on these events. The media is NOT done with this. Quite the contrary, it is the 'beginning of The End' for the way the jw church exists in this world today and in the near future.

    The pedo(files) and the database that contain the documents, are only the catalyst for what is about to hits the walls of the WTBTS, from within it's Foundation. (haha, i can hear some say...'there she goes again'...haha)

    Money IS, and will FOREVER be, 'The Root of ALL Evil', and of all axis' of EVIL...

    A L L !!!

    951 mil. in 2000? Now what is it? And where is this MONEY OF EVIL fund?


  • Dia

    Thanks sl for a wonderful little teaser. Not that I needed one. I'm not doubting at all.

    C'mon! It's only just begun...just because THEY think it's over and done, just because they held their breath through all of this and now think it's 'back to normal' because nobody cares....Surprise! They don't make the rules.

    Incidentally, if this helps - when people bring up the Catholic thing - and sometimes I bring it up myself just to say this - I always respond with, 'That's one thing you can say for Jehovah's Witnesses. They sure make the Catholics look good.'

    When it follows, as it often does, that they are puzzled by that comment, it gives me the chance to fill them in.

    Between you and me, I don't mean to sound so flippant. Like yourself, I have a lot of respect for the way the Catholics - church and laypeople - are handling this crises. And if JWs were not the way they are, they could learn a lot from them.

  • minimus

    I came back from a show this evening and the opening act had a comedian that said how the Catholic church is in trouble with pedophiles. Then the comment was made that you would never see that at a Kingdom Hall because there would be too many witnesses....It got a huge laugh from the audience. ....just wanted to mention the Catholic church---JW connection

  • Tanalyst

    Thomas - Bill's been on several TV shows, do you think they may wanna see what's happenen Sept.27 at 25 Colunbia Heights. If you show up, perhaps you'll be on TV.

  • sunshineToo

    I was afraid that the media might have lost its interest, too. But the people are different. I don't know about other state, but in CA, there were at least two Amber Alerts that I know of last a few weeks. And then more news and coverages on child abduction are becoming the headline and the top stories. People care about their children and other children.

    A few days ago I talked to a couple of people regarding the Silent Lambs and the WTS's policy. Their mouths were dropped. They were shocked esp. on the fact that the pedos are still going door to door.

    It is quiet in CA now as far as the JW news. But I'm looking forward to September.

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