That They Might be Kings

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  • Farkel

    Dubs like to speculate. About almost everything: how life will be in the New World Order™, how and when Armageddon is going to happen, whether the latest newspaper headline really signals that Armageddon is about to start, what the latest “New Light™” is going to be, and on and on.

    So here’s something to also speculate about. Suppose that Jehovah paid a personal visit to the WTS leaders and said,

    “Armageddon ain’t gonna happen for quite a while. It won’t happen for centuries, in fact. That’s the bad news. The GOOD news though, is that in the next ten minutes YOU are going to be in charge of leadership for the entire world. Instead of having leadership over 6 million people, I’m going to increase your absolute leadership one-thousand-fold and extend it to 6 billion people. I will make it so that all peoples in all parts of the world will be subject to your leadership and also make it so that there will be enough of your underlings to deal with any and all types of rebellions, coups, grumblings and insurrections. All people will be subject to your absolute rule.

    “As for my participation in your decisions and affairs, it will remain the same as it has always been since Chuck Russell. I will not tell you if I have “spirit-directed” you thus far or not. I will let you decide if I have or haven’t. You have my complete permission to now take over the reigns of rulership of the entire planet. You have many cultures and many, many religious beliefs you must deal with. You have many sick people, mentally ill people, criminals, rebels and good-hearted people you must now deal with. It’s all in your hands now. Remember, you have stated countless times that you are My Witnesses and slaves of Christ, so please render your decisions accordingly. Have a nice day. “

    So because of Divine Fiat, the WTS is now in control of the destiny of six billion souls, of which only 1 out of a thousand are JWs. Keep in mind that there are no longer any governments which oppose them and which have the power to persecute them, ban them or restrain them. The people in France, Germany, and Britain who tried to tax them are now their subjects at at their mercy. The clergy who spoke so openly against them are now subject to whatever they say and decide. There are no government agencies left to investigate their activities and practices, no one who can openly question what they do and be guaranteed of Constitutional protections of freedom of speech. Whatever the WTS says is now universal LAW on this planet and there is no higher authority to turn to if people do not like whatever law they pass.

    To keep this thread more interesting, let’s try to stick with what we already know, viz. how the WTS currently conducts itself and what we ALREADY KNOW the WTS has stated in the past they would want to do IF they and only they were universally in charge. In other words, let’s try to stick with actual facts from present and past writings from the WTS. For example, the Nov. 1952 WT clearly stated how they lamented that they were restrained by current governments from being able to murder rebellious children. Also keep in mind that the Flock book has a totally idea about what justice is than say, the US government does. For example, WTS law does not allow an accused to be represented by an attorney, nor does the accused have the right to insist that his/her defenders/witnesses be present to hear the testimony from his/her accusers. There is no independent entity created (like the Supreme Court) to hear an appeal of a verdict, either. Failure to answer incriminating questions is not an absolute right because there is no such thing as a “Fifth Amendment Right” in Watchtower Law. These are the way things ALREADY ARE in WatchtowerWorld and so must be considered as that way it probably would be if the WTS had worldwide authority. Medicine, sex, science, education, entertainment, occupations, social life, media, communications, telephones, roads, structures, transportation, farming, manufacturing, and even courting practices before marriage would all be under the absolute authority of the WTS.

    The society has used the expression “Spiritual Paradise” countless times to describe dub life. Those of you who are/were dubs like myself think that expression is a bit, er, well…..exaggerated. (Talk about an understatement!) Well, now this “Spiritual Paradise” can exist all over this planet in the scenario I’ve created. What would it be like?

    Given the history and current policies, practices and beliefs put forward from Brooklyn, just what do you think it would be like if Brooklyn could rule the world? What do you think it would be like, folks? Would you want to live in such a world? If so, why? If not, why not? Such a system is Brooklyn’s biggest dream, and their ultimate goal. What would they do with their dream if it came true? Would it be a "Spiritual Paradise" or your worst nightmare come true? How say ye?


  • trevor

    Hi Farkel,

    That's a very interesting post. You have a creative mind.You have got the hidden adgenda of the WT out in the open. They are a political party in sheeps clothing.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have no interest in present governments because they already have a government of their own. The Watchtower Society issues laws, makes judgements, appoints leaders and controls every aspect of their lives, even over-ruling the law of the land if they see fit. They have voted for the Watchtower Society, which does not welcome the efforts of politicians to influence their members.

    The Society seeks total control, and looks forward to the day when all governments are destroyed, leaving them to assist with the world's administration. The masthead of the Watchtower magazine states that it is non-political. This statement has to be examined closely in view of the fact that members of the Governing Body, along with many thousands of other members, expect to rule from heaven as kings. Some of the elders expect to be princes on earth. This means that they consider themselves to be part of a Royal Family. If, say, the British Royal Family started to publish statements saying that all governments were evil and due to be destroyed by God, to make way for rule by them, would the present British political parties consider their statements to be non-political?

    Their claim to political neutrality is based on the idea that they are against all governments except their own. This idea is not new. Throughout history world leaders have desired to be part of an all-conquering world Empire, Dynasty or Reich but they never claimed to be non-political.

    For a Witness to support any political party, other than the Watchtower Society, would be considered an act of treason. The Witnesses' stance on this, and many other anti-establishment issues, is only feasible for a small group. Their opting out of the system would not be possible were it not for the order that is afforded by the organized efforts of society as a whole.

    Bet you wish you had never asked!


  • VeniceIT

    Well Farkle for one we would see a vast decrees in pregnancies and an increse in suicide!!!! People would freak, can you say Mutiny!!! We would overthrow them somehow, & i'D be there on the front lines!

    Fortunetly Jehovah is to loving to put all peoples under their control, Thank God!!!


  • dedalus

    After the temporary euphoria wore off (should last a good two minutes or so), the GB (or whatever they're calling themselves now) would have much to do. Obviously, they've just been put in charge of the Great Tribulation (or some such thing)! Here's the GB's a to-do list for the first year ...


    1) Locate all inactive, disassociated, and disfellowshipped people (plus anyone the elders happen not to like for personal reasons) and give them an ultimatum: renounce in public your wickedness and wear a scarlet sash or ribbon to mark your former infidelity to the ORG, or face extermination and cremation. Those who accept the ultimatum will be moved to a penal colony in Guam (at least, that's what their families will be told).

    2) About 70% of the world is not Christian; therefore, they will have to be taught the "Truth." They will not be executed, of course, but will have the honor of becoming domestic servants as they are "educated" in the homes of Caucasian (preferably American) Witnesses. When they are not preparing meals, cleaning house, caring for the master's children, planting the garden, going to market, harvesting the fields, and performing certain sexual favors as required, they will study the glory of Christ's sacrifice in their behalf. Of course, this "education" is just a provisionary gesture, and can never be completed, since it is not really possible to educate the races of inbred heathens.

    3) All the churches will be burned to the ground. The home of any non-Witness religious personage will be burned to the ground. The home of any Catholic will be burned to the ground (see below for special procedures regarding Catholics). Exception: if the religious personage has a really, really nice house and a Witness wants to move in, the house doesn't have to be burned to the ground.

    4) All libraries and museums and colleges will be burned to the ground. Shakespeare never existed. Neither did Milton. Picasso is the odd name of an elder in Ecuador, nothing more. "Mummy" is what a British Witness child calls his mother. "Van Gogh" is what you say when someone sneezes. "Mozart" is a venereal disease contracted by small monkeys.

    5) All of the writers, composers, musicians, artists, architects, and poets will be rounded up, shipped to Brooklyn, and sequestered in a secret underground lair at Bethel. They will be told to write "societal" novels and "organizational" epic poems, to compose "spiritual" musical scores, to design "watchtower" buildings, to paint "theocratic" murals and portraits. Any who refuse to comply will be executed. After a year, all of the novels, poems, music scores, paintings, etc. will be printed on artificially aged paper (or other medium as required) and marketed to the world as the art that has always existed. (The artists who comply with this project will be executed when they are finished.)

    5) Women are allowed the following occupations: daughter, and wife. (In an unexpected move, intelligent, ambitious or otherwise recalcitrant women will be sold into prostitution, which will be made legal for Witnesses who can produce the right documentation. This decision is expected to be met with some criticism, but there are many Biblical precedents for it, and besides, dissidents will be executed.)

    6) People discovered to have been a Catholic must move to New Jersey and establish residence there. They may obtain temporary passes to other parts of the country if they can produce the proper papers and are accompanied by at least three Witnesses (preferably Caucasian males). Otherwise, New Jersey will remain a quarantined state.

    7) Anyone who was not a Witness at the time that Jehovah gave Witnesses control of the world must yield up his or her property and possessions to any Witness who so demands. Pioneers are expected to be the greediest, according to rank: regular pioneers will evict millions from mansions; regular aux. pioneers will evict thousands from penthouses. The rank-and-file will squabble over the of crumbs of suburbia as hospices are established in school gymnasiums for the former residents.

    8) All forms of secondary and post-secondary education are eliminated. Children are home-schooled until the age of 15, when they join the Evangelical Paramilitary of Witnesses for Theocracy Now (EPWTN).


    Even this is a partial list at best. Still, seems pretty reasonable a speculation to me!


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  • VeniceIT

    ROTFLMAO!!!! WHERE do you come up with this stuff??? Is hysterical really I'm dying here!!!

    "Mozart" is a venereal disease contracted by small monkeys."

    Your one sick puppy, I love it!!

  • Welshman

    1984....At last a prophecy of the last century would have come true....albeit not the WTBS variety..
    Perhaps an antitypical fulfillment....
    Some of the older publications speculate on how instructions would be given out over loud speakers by Abraham...'Attention brothers' he flew around the world in a society jet..
    The New World Society(tm)was something I always feared...

    Regards Welshman (Winston class)

  • Esmeralda

    Hey Dedalus,

    Just wanted to say I know I owe you a reply to your post to me from H2O, hope to e mail you this week!

    *hugs* to you and your gal :)


  • riz


    i'm a big fan of your work. i've been following your posts since the days of the old h2o, and i must say you are a genius, man. welcome to the board. i'll have to remember to put on some Depends before i check out the board now. you are a riot. glad to have you here!


  • teejay


    very interesting post. i've thought about it before, just not that far out.

    my answer? it would be a very scary world, and before it was over with, i'd prolly have to kill somebody.

    todd, hoping that Jehovah gets lost on his way thru Manhattan

    p.s. on second thought, i hope he doesn't get lost but gets there pretty quick!

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  • larc

    Interesting idea Farkel,

    I think that at some point on their way to world domination, they would follow the fine example found in the book of Joshua and simply exterminate every man, woman, and child that were not in agreement with them. Hitler and Stalin were tame compared to the Israelites.

    By the way, Welcome Farkel. You know I am partial to "F" words. We have a resaurant in town called Fricker's and one where I used live to called Fudrucker's. These words have a nice ring to them.

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