Arrests in Child abduction case-Bodies found

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  • termite 35
    termite 35

    Hey ISP how's things?

    To be honest;I feel guilty just thinking that he's not there- i've never said that before (no lightening bolts yet)but if he's not going to DO anything about anything that's important to us...why bother asking us to pray at all? I'd probably get the same odds if I asked my cat.

    There was a piece in the Times yesterday about conspiracy theories and the frequency of coincidence on this planet.It seems when you look at the facts, coincidences are really very common and only get some significance, claiming to be a conspiricy theory for example when someone is looking for a link or an overall worldwide view to link it all together.

    I t seems to me that the answering of prayers is just one big coincidence-as you're waiting and looking for an answer anyway.

    The WTBS has it all wrapped up when it tells you to not expect your prayers to be answered in the way you expect them to- then on the other hand asks you to be specific!

    My grandmother used to read tea-leaves and she was often spot on-fancy tea being of more practical useful than God; even though no one took it seriously!

  • ISP

    Woodland Bodies Are Missing Girls

    Police say they are as certain as possible that two bodies found in remote woodland are those of missing schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.The girls' parents have been told the news, said Cambridgeshire Deputy Chief Constable Keith Hoddy.But he added that it may be some days before the two bodies can be positively identified.

    The bodies are to be taken from the scene near RAF Lakenheath to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge for further forensic examination.


    The girls' parents have also issued statements describing the "traumatic time" they are going through and thanking everyone for their support.

    Police have been granted an extra 36 hours to question school caretaker Ian Huntley and ex-classroom assistant Maxine Carr in connection with the abduction and murder of the 10-year-olds.

    The pair will continue to be quizzed by detectives who were given an extension by magistrates at "two separate closed hearings".

    Speaking in front of St Andrew's church in Soham, Mr Hoddy said: "It is with great sadness that I have to tell you the following news.

    "It may be some days yet before we are able to positively identify the two bodies found at Common Drove, near Lakenheath in Suffolk, yesterday lunchtime.

    'Terrible news'

    "However, we are as certain as we possibly can be tonight that they are those of Holly and Jessica. Holly and Jessica's families have been told this terrible news.

    Jessica's parents, Sharon and Leslie Chapman, said: "We would like to thank everybody for their kindness and support during this very tense and traumatic time, especially family, friends and the family liaison officers,"

    Holly's parents, Nicola and Kevin Wells, said in their statement: "Although still numb after losing our gorgeous daughter Holly, please accept our heartfelt thanks for everyone's help and support throughout this traumatic fortnight."

    Fenland shrine

    The bodies were found on Saturday about seven miles from where the youngsters were last seen exactly two weeks ago.

    Scenes of crime officers worked through the night under arc lights to scour the surrounding area, hunting for the tiniest clues that might be crucial in any court case.

    More bouquets have been placed near the scene, with a small white signpost becoming a fenland shrine to Jessica and Holly.

    One message read: "To the two Soham angels, may your wings take you to a better place."

    The disturbing thought is why cannot these children be ID'd now..what has been done to them?


  • home_and_dry

    ISP, the same thought crossed my mind. Why is it so hard to identify these children? However, and without being too graphic, due to the hot (and also very wet at times) weather of late, those bodies didnt have to be out there for too long before the elements started to significantly affect them.

    Its a horrific thought and a terrible, terrible situation. Those poor children and their poor parents. What can you say?

  • ISP

    You maybe right. I guess the kids would have been dumped the same day the were they have been out 14 days or so. It maybe nothing more than that but its a wholly dreadful situation.


  • Simon

    What a nightmare.

    I think whoever is responsible for this should be hunted and killed like an animal.

    However ... (and here I will probably draw some wrath)

    I think this 'trial by media' that is becoming more and more common in the UK is not the way it should be done. People should be identified when they have been found guilty and the conviction should be sound. What happens if the people are released (as innocent) or the trial is jeapordised by too much information being published?

    I want to see someone convicted but I want to know it is the right person. Too many 'high profile' crimes lately seem to be based on 'lets pick someone and then tell everyone how wierd they are ... look they must have done it cause they are strange'. I can see some convictions being overturned in a few years time such as the Kill Dando murder.

  • safe4kids

    This is a truly horrific crime I first heard about it on the BBCAM news and hoped against hope the girls would be found safe and sound. How awful for their parents, I can't even imagine the hurt they must be experiencing. mentioned that there is no screening of people employed at schools?? That blows my mind! Over here, at least in the counties in FLorida where I've lived, even VOLUNTEERS must be screened by the sherrif's department before being allowed to help out in classrooms, on field trips, etc. Actual school employees undergo an even more rigorous background check, even if they're not going to be working directly with the children. Of course, that doesn't prevent some perverts falling thru the cracks, but it does help.

    Termite, I passed that point a long time ago, primarily because, as a parent myself, I just CANNOT understand nor condone a "parent" who sits back passively while his/her children are being hurt. There just is no excuse for it.


  • Valis

    This thread makes an excellent case for the microchip IDs sadly enough. I would probably wind up in jail if this happened to my kids. Someone would definitely get the hammer and then some.


    District Overbeer of the "keep yer hands off my kids" class

  • Simon

    Is that some sort of electronic tagging of sex offenders?

    That would be a great idea 'cause I can guarantee that someone would have cracked it and have a tracking device available on the internet within a few months that could identify a target, er ... I mean 'suspect' within shooting, er, ... range, er ... Oh, sack it - if there was something that would 'light up' when you pointed it at them then I'd be out to buy a rifle.

  • Valis

    Simon, I was referring to the microchip ID program we have here in the states to identify kids.


    District Overbeer

  • Simon

    Oh ... I thought it was convicted abusers. (drat)

    I guess it does buy you some peace of mind ... if it's worth buying for your car then how much more for your kids?

    (I'm imagining some sort of tracking device?)

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