Bright side of a BAD day

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  • Erica

    It started out having a bad day...

    No babysitter had to miss work , friend came over so I went to get a haircut, she followed me there and took care of Michael, on the way home, on the freeway, I was on the the third lane to the left and the car engine shuts off and I had to get three lanes over to the right, in major traffic, I barley made and the car dies.

    I started to panick cause it's dark and I have Michael and I'm on a freeway.... so I get Michael and start walking and praying, and this man pulled over and I started to get even more nervous but I accepted the ride, he took me to a gas station and well his truck was really high , like three in a half feet, well I had forgotten about that so when I steped out of his truck I fell with Michael in my arms he started screaming and I started to ball my head off.

    Okay here's my point like 3 people there helped me, the gas station let me use there phone and gave me something to drink, a couple wouldn't leave until they knew I was taken care of offered me money for a cab or tow truck, they waited like 15 minutes.

    I thought of you all, who really didn't know me, but were there for me when I needed it the most, There are some really great people out there, and it doesn't matter what religion you belong to.

  • LDH


    Thank God for the normal people, they almost make up for the wierdos.


  • ISP

    Scary stuff...hope it works out!


  • Prisca


    You poor thing. A car I used to have broke down in similar conditions to you, only I didn't have a baby in tow. Guys stopped and helped me get the car off the road, one let me use his mobile phone to call road service, the mechanic my car was towed to worked overtime to get it fixed. It was Xmas eve too, so maybe people were in a nicer mood. Who knows.

    Sorry to hear of your day, Erica. I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  • Mimilly

    Sweetest Erica - Honey you have a delightful spirit in you - resilient, strong, yet not afraid to let your pain show. For some reason - perhaps because I have known moments similiar to yours today, when my babies were little, or even when I've been on the verge of giving up - to the emotional agony as of late due to my phone being shut off for 8 days as a punishment for missing a 25.00 payment (and not calling) - This hurts cos I am expecting important calls re: school for the Fall semester, and my dental and infection problems - arguements with my now (near)20yr old and plain depression...

    YOU'VE reminded me of what it's all about. People helping people; finding the good in bad situations, and telling that to others. You've reminded me of looking at the things to be thankful for.

    I was truly weary when I visited the board earlier tonight - all the political infighting and challenges to Simon etc. It was all I could do to go to bed. I slept for awhile but awoke with dental pain (root canal supposedly finished yesterday) and came down to see how things were. They weren't a whole lot different on the board, so I visited the news - and came back. Your post was here.

    I'm so sorry you had a Murphy's Law day. (I believe that my zodiac sign is Murphy's Law! Yet I am so happy that honest and safe people helped you and your baby. I hope you and Michael weren't hurt in the fall from that truck. I know when my babies were little (on dear, so long ago), if I tripped and fell while holding them, I made sure I got the brunt of it. I think it's a mother's instinct that takes over. And when we are with our children, we realize that we must be strong - for their sake - they need us.

    This is very long hon, but I thank you for sharing what happened to you, and I want you to know that you've touched my heart - not from what happened - but with how you dealt with it and for sharing it.

    You are one very special lady and I hope one day I will have the chance to give you a hug.

    Take care of you and Michael. Here's to tomorrow going better.

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((Erica and Michael))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    lotsa love, Mimilly/Salem

  • ISP

    I had a near miss on my car. It started leaking oil. The oil light was showing but I managed to get it to a garage. A bolt had sheared off. It cost me 350 but could have cost a lot more to fix. New engine would have been around 7000.


  • Erica

    Thanks for the responce.

    Mimilly... Your right about mothers instinct it was a pretty big fall, and I have a huge scrape and briuse on my elbow and my knee and back are both killing me, ( which is why I'm up ), but Michael is fine, I think the screaming and crying was the scare of the fall.

    As far as taking a ride I hesitated and I decided to go for it cause the exit was far and the nearest gas station was even farther, plus there was no walking area when you get on the off ramp and on Friday nights in Sacramento traffic is horrible, but I was sooo scared getting into his truck.

    I was so surprised that there were so many people who were willing to help, made things so much easier, emotionally soothing and phisically less stressfull thats for sure.

    What a day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sunspot


    Oh Sweetie, what an awful time you had!

    I'm so glad that you and little Michael are okay, and got home "safe and sound", as they say.

    It really IS a surprise sometimes, to see how many nice folks ARE willing to help-quickly-and with no "payment" or obligation. We were so conditioned to think that all "worldly" people were "out to get us", and that we could ONLY trust our fellow believers....HAH!!!!!

    Take care, dear one.......and kiss Michael on the back of his neck for me (my favorite spot on babies, and I raised six!)

    Hugs again,

    Annie.........who had her nose buried in "Craft Links" and lost track of the time (again :o)

  • Salud

    Sorry to hear about your day Erica. Glad things worked out though. It goes to show there are many nice worldy people who do not have wrong motives. Hopefully you have a better day today.

    I believe we were in the same circuit at one time when you lived in Washington. I used to live in Oregon and served in the Spanish congregation's there. E-mail me if you have a chance.


  • Mary

    H Erica;

    Glad there were those that helped you out.......

    I'd like to make a couple of suggestions that could really help you in the future:

    Join the AAA and get a cell phone if you don't have one. That way, once you're off to the side of the road, you can call them, tell them where you are and they'll come help you.

    I've belonged to the CAA for 10 years. Two years ago as I was going to work (down country roads where the houses can be a mile in between and very little traffic), my car slid off the road during a snow storm. I picked up my cell, called the CAA and they were there within 15 minutes.

    Good luck.

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