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  • puzzled

    Lisa. LOL If you scroll across the alphabets back and forth it would probably be what chat would have sounded like tonight with sound. LOL

  • Reborn2002

    LOL @ ona. Craig you are one sick man with all of those edits!

    I like eggs in almost every conceivable way to prepare them

    • Eggs Benedict
    • scrambled eggs
    • an egg sandwich
    • hard boiled eggs


    (imitating comforter's comprehension of English)

    Me hungri now. I neede go eeat.

    (edited to remove any expletives when describing eggs)

    Edited by - Reborn2002 on 17 August 2002 4:22:24

  • orangefatcat

    what came first the chicken or the egg?

    I like my eggs scrambled with a dash of vinegar and salt and pepper served with paprika potatoes and crispy bacon. A glass of OJ and a wonderful husband beside me. That is the beginnig of a perfect day!!

    And after breakky whatever comes up then we do it.

  • jack2

    Moe, you cutie, I love the egg pic!

    I'll take mine sunny side up, or scrambled. I like them with pita bread and a type of arabic cheese on the side (pronounced: ah -reesh.....gutteral sound on the r.)

  • gravedancer

    Scrambled with a bit of OJ, bacon and a sprinkle of cheese mixed in. OJ in omlettes gives them more taste than milk does.

    Served on toast with a huge glass of OJ and grilled tomatoes on the side.


    OJ huh...well hope this curbs your appetite for OJ:

  • ozziepost

    I'm a simple man and so I like simple things......... so I like a nice googy (or is that googie?) egg

    That means a nice soft-boiled egg with bread fingers to dip into it.

    It feels like time for breakfast already.

    Cheers, Ozzie

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  • Kenneson


    For posting that photo of O.J., you're lucky if you don't get shelled with rotten eggs!

  • Cicatrix

    Scrambled,fried in real butter,with hot salsa and Tabasco sauce.

  • COMF

    I said I hate green eggs and ham.
    I said I hate them, damn you Sam!

    If you should bring them on my plane,
    Dont plan to see your home again.
    If you approach me on a boat,
    Ill shove that ham right down your throat!

    Get it through your skull so thick--
    Green eggs and ham, they make me sick!

    The ham looks like green doggy duke;
    Those slimey eggs just make me puke.
    If I ate them, I would vomit
    Projectiles just like Halleys comet!

    Now remove them from my face
    Before I have to trash this place.

    Should you serve them with a fox
    Or inside a cardboard box,
    Id burn the box, all flaming red
    And eat the roasted fox instead.

    I know Ive said this once before
    Im sure you think Im quite the bore.
    But I cant stand green eggs and ham.
    I mean I hate them, damn you Sam!

    What is it with you, Sam, I croaked
    (Im all worked up, my voice is choked.)
    You think I want this crap, I coughed
    Do you have ties to Microsoft?

    Have you bundled IE in your ham?
    So Reno will ignore it Sam?
    Well I wont eat it anyway,
    Not for a million bucks a day!

    Now leave at once, you are dismissed.
    Damn you Sam, Im getting pissed!
    I told you how I hate that crap.
    Dont make me give your face a slap.

    Shut up Sam, dont make me smack you.
    The great Cornholio will attack you.
    Green eggs and ham by any rights
    We have to say, Uh-uh, this bites!

  • ashitaka

    Sunny side up, with corned beef hash, one orange juice, a coffee, and a tea to start everything off.

    (I'd have some bread, too, but I just found out that I'm allergic to it:( )

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