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  • plmkrzy


    I completely forgot about zucchini

  • DakotaRed

    Plm, since it's now Zuchinni season, again, you should see the one a friend at work grew and brought in. He actually brought a who box of them. I usually make Zuchinni soup or something else, but will have to try a Zuchinni omlet. LOL, I got to use this monster up somehow About 18 or 20 inches long and 6 inches in diameter.

    That's a lot of Zuchinni for just one person, LOL

    Lew W

  • onacruse

    Only twits eat zucchini.

  • DakotaRed

    Twit or not, I eat whatever I like. Besides, it was free

    Lew W

  • onacruse

    DakotaRed, you are not just a twit, but a freeloader and a mooch.

  • larc

    onacruse, i have the greatest respect for your opinions and comments. (I think I am I love.) So, just lay it on me baby. I am your love slave.

  • New Eyes
    New Eyes

    Do you know the Truth about eggs? How were the first eggs eaten?

    "the first eggs were eaten soft boiled for 3 min. placed in an eggcup little end up. the little end in then broken around making the egg it's own cup!" [ the definitive guide to eggs, by L Ron H.] the unity of these early times is certainly attractive to thinking breakfasters of today. that is why we here within the kingdom, eat according to the "definitive guide" and have become the happiest eaters on earth.
    you would expect everyone becoming aware of the true way to eat an egg to except it. not so, hard as that might seem to reasonable individuals, the enemy is alive and well, continuing it's work of corrupting the breakfast experience. evil men in times past have twisted the "definitive guide" leading many into the false belief that "an egg should be opened in the big end," [ the definitive guide to eggs, by L. Ron H.]
    let us not loose hart for the end is near. Soon the war will begin and the truth will prevail, making the world a brunches paradise.

  • MrMoe
  • Prisca

    Scrambled with a bit of OJ, bacon and a sprinkle of cheese mixed in. OJ in omlettes gives them more taste than milk does.

    Served on toast with a huge glass of OJ and grilled tomatoes on the side.

  • onacruse

    Pris, you are one sick puppy.


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