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  • Zechariah

    Past post on H2O............


    I used to believe as I was taught by Jehovah's Witnesses the soul is totally synonymous with all that man is. It was taught me it included the body which and is subject to death when the body dies for they are one and the same. Several scriptures literally and loosely interpreted are offered by JWs in support of their definition of a soul. The scripture stating how man was created tells us God blew into his nostrils and man became a living soul. I was taught that we must imply that from this statement that a soul is the entirety of a man which includes his body (false assumption). This is combined with the scripture that says that the soul that sins it itself wll die. I was taught that this proves that because the soul has been determined to be the body that the soul dies when does the body.
    I now believe what I inherently know to be the truth. A person's body is not at all themselves. Their bodys are just their vehicles to carry them through this human existence. The soul in actuality is a part of a physical person that cannot be seen. It is their spiritual essence that is not subject to death at the same time man is. So to reinterpret the scripture stating the soul that sins shall die we must make note of the fact that a persons body, a thing and not a person is incapable of sinning. Only our spiritual selves can. It is for certain we are spiritual creatures physically embodied. Another scripture says "do not be afraid of he that can just destroy the body but fear him that can destroy both body and soul in Gehenna (hell). Clearly this is proof the soul or the person survives inherently the physical death of the body. The death of the soul being spoken of due to sin is not referring to physical death at all. That death is spiritual death allowing us to understand that by saying men are inherently everlasting for their souls continue past physical death does not mean it is being said they are immortal. Immortality implies one is incapable of dying. The bible assures us that God has the power to destroy the everlasting souls he created on the grounds of sin (???). All statements and physical occurences that have occurred in the lives of biblical characters are not intended to teach us anything of a physical nature but are object lessons meant to teach us how to live spiritual lives in or out of the flesh. Animals being souls would imply that they too have inherently everlasting spiritual lives. After physical death or seperation the soul can go to one of two places. They are:
    Heaven- heaven is not a physical place seperated from us by physical distance. It is a different dimension of life which occupies the same physical space. It is a spiritual condition. At death as in sleep or out of body experiences the long journey in spirit can be made.
    Hell is also not a place as JWs have described it. They say hell is the common grave of mankind. Hell is not a place but a spiritual condition where one is in darkness completely seperated from God. It is a condition that Jesus Christ voluntarily agreed to be subject to and so for three days was in hell. God could not help him during that time that began even prior to his physical death. They never could have killed Jesus unless God had abandoned him. This is the very reason Jesus cried out at his death, Father ..Why have you foresaken me? A complete darkness encmpass the place of Jesus death at high noon because God could not have people look upon his son as he gave up his life. Jesus returning to his fathers right hand at the end of this time spent in hell required a rebirth of spirit making Christ the first person ever to be reborn. The descriptions of hell as a place of fiery torment only can be interpreted in a spiritual sense. Somehow a everlasting soul that is abandoned by God will experience in some spiritual sense tormenting conditions of such magnitude. A lifetime without love and beauty would in my estimation be intolerable making anyone in that situation desirous of death but yet not being able to die. Everlasting torment. ......... Zechariah..........

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    bitter mango

    incense, apparently you've not seen what's under those boxers ! teehee

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  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    um, nooo.... i haven't had the privilege. but i doubt that even brad pitt could entice me into becoming a pair of boxers for life

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  • new boy
    new boy

    The WB&ts took the fire out of hell------which is right!

    They took the life out of the soul---------they are wrong!

    Look into your heart and you know that we go on.---------there is no DEATH!

  • gumby

    Ghost stories

    These convience me something goes on with spirits. Too many have had them to be an illusion of the mind.....I could be wrong.

    I hope if there is life after this one........there is no sadness , death, etc......and I hope I don't have to work any frickin longer!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Carmel

    Life after what? I don't believe in "death" so ask another question.


  • Swan

    Not really no. Death is the absence of life, IMO. It is non-existence. I'm okay with that. But as skeptical as I am, I wouldn't mind being pleasantly surprised to find out otherwise!

  • outoftheorg

    Well Boys & Girls--I don't have a clue.

    I am aware of the stories of near death experiences and I am also aware of the fact that many things told to support a beloved belief or wish are not always true. But some may be. Which ones?

    I am aware of the ghost stories and again aware they are not necessarly true. Is the animals reaction truly to the aparition or to the animals owners reaction of terror. Animals are more tuned in to their owners fears etc. than to the other person.

    I am aware of what is stated in the bible and am also aware of the fact that it consists of a compilation of books available at the time of Constantine. Also that existing political issues and needs had a great part in the selection of which books were included and not included. So do I believe the bible with out question? No.

    I would love to believe there is an afterlife of some kind. Not hell of course! Out of body experiences do seem to have some believeable aspects. But again which ones. It is said that the military in the USA and Russia experimented with some success.

    Some eastern religions and others support reincarnation. I could go for that, if I didn't come back as a frog.

    Life after death is as craved for as cold water on the desert.

    I am with those of you who want to wait it out, do our best in life and see what happens. I didn't fear death or armageddon while in the borg and even less now. I never was a dogmatic believer, always had some of the above bouncing around in my head. Due to having an analytical assessing personality This made being a jw a very confusing irritable life.

  • Sentinel

    This is very deep. I do believe that we each have a soul that belongs to the creator(s), and that it exists on different levels of "earthly experiences", living in different bodies. Through experiences of my own, I believe when the body is injured or dies, that the soul is without a home and leaves the body. Sometimes, it returns, and these are what we call "out of body" experiences.

    Some souls get injured as well within their human existance. A soul can also die, which would be a terrible thing. The journey of one's soul is something we, as humans, cannot fathom. We aren't supposed to remember the separate journeys, but now and then, our memories of the past enters our present. We call this reincarnation, or prior existence recognition. With each journey, we have a specific contract to learn something major about the human existance. Each time we pass through the experience, our soul moves to a higher level. Eventually, the soul will return to the creator to dwell among the brotherhood of the light beings-- unless it has been damaged by going too far from the good.

    There is absolutely no way to prove this. It is just a satisfying way for me to gather together my life's experiences thus far, and make some sense from all of it. This answers lots of things for me, and gives me comfort.


  • Scarlet

    I believe when we die we will find out what is in store for us but I think we go to heaven when we die.

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