Anyone know the Weight Watchers point system?

by LyinEyes 22 Replies latest social physical

  • ballistic

    Sorry if I made that sound really easy - it's not. I am counting calories while doing this and so that wine is limited to 2 glasses a day (180 cals) and this has to come out of my daily allowance of 1900.

  • fulano


    The only dieet you can follow and will help you for always is to cut down on carbohydrates. So no spaghettei, bread, rice lasagne, but eat lots of vegetables and meat and fish.

    If you cut down for a week your carb-intake to 0,0 you will loose 4 or 5 pounds, that's because your body start to use fat for energy.Try it it works!!

  • xenawarrior

    I guess I was getting it wrong all that time- I interpretted the Weight Watchers point system to be- point at the food- "I'll take that and that and some of that" I guess I didn't get it eh?


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