Anyone know the Weight Watchers point system?

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  • LyinEyes

    I seem to recall someone talking about having the list of points for the weight watchers point system diet. My sister and some of her co workers are planning on going to a weight watchers free meeting. I told her of course the will have you pay up , and it is not that expensive, but I told her I might can get the information from someone on the internet. I am interested in this too. If anyone out there has the information, these ladies would be grateful to not have to go to the WW meeting to just get the basic idea on if they want to join up. Thanks ,, you can email me the info if you have it, and it isnt too much [email protected]..

  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    From what I remember they have two plans One where you pay a higher amount like $10 but you don't have to go every week and another called "loyalty plan" that you have to go to every week and pay only $7 but you have to pay for the weeks you miss. The point system is simply (and they claim more complicated than this) every 50 calories is one point. Women usually work on 24 points and men at 36 or 34 points. It's a gimmic as it really is counting calories. So for women 1200 calories and men 1700 - 1800 calories. The bad thing about this approach is that in wieght loss from this plan a person loses as much muscle as fat. Muscle burns calories so losing muscle is not a good thing. I would recomend doing exercise starting out with light wieght lifting and a little aerobics and eating healthier food such as lean meat, vegetables etc and keep the portions small. Do this at a gradual rate or a sudden change will shock your system and your emotions and you will do the worst thing and that is to give up. In time when your exercise becomes a habit increase the intensity and the amount. It usually takes about 2 to 3 months to see amazing change. You can do it! Dave

  • Dismembered

    Hi LyinEyes,

    My wife knows but she's sleeping

  • LyinEyes

    Well, go wake her up,,,,,,,,,,,,, there is food in this house.....!!!!!!!!!!! Just kiddin

    I liked your post about the one thing you would change,,,,,,,,,,,, the boy named sue, Johnny Cash....... that was funny.

  • bigfloppydog

    Here is the most current Daily Points Range I have

    Your Current Weight Daily Points Range

    less than 150 pounds 18-23

    150-174 pounds 20-25

    175-199 pounds 22-27

    200-224 pounds 24-29

    225-249 pounds 26-31

    250-274 pounds 28-33

    275-299 pounds 29-34

    300-324 pounds 30-35

    325-349 pounds 31-36

    more than 350 pounds 32-37

    Start off by planning your meals to fit the number of POINTS in the middle of your Range. For example, if your Range is 22-27 POINTS, aim for 24 or 25.

    You can vary the number of POINTS within your Range from day to day. Let your appetite, schedule, and weekly weight loss guide you.

    Be sure you always use at least the minimum number of POINTS in your Range. That way you're sure to get enough food to keep your metabolism fueled while losing weight at a safe rate.

    Periodically, check to see if your Daily POINTS Range has changed. Why? As you lose weight, your body needs fewer POINTS.

    Also Growing teens (females under 16, males under 19) Add an additional 2 POINTS to your Daily POINTS Range.

    I hope this helps, I got this recently from a friend of mine. There is also recipes and samples for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Dismembered

    Thanks LE

  • CFree

    Just to say my husband has been going to WW in the UK for 6 months and it has really worked for him. However if he just did the points system I don't think it would have, he has combined it with regular exercise (going to the gym 3-4 time per week) and he has quite a bit of weight.

    It can work!

  • jack2

    Weight Watchers? C'mon now. All anyone needs to do is eat at Subway. Just ask Jared.

    On my (evil) wish list: Jared gains all his weight back, as he discovers that the "Subway Diet" has a boomerang effect on his body.

  • Mulan

    I love weight watchers and have been a lifetime member for about 25 years. I gain and lose, but at this time, I am losing again. 20 pounds so far. If I stay on it, I will lose and maintain. But ice cream keeps screaming at me.

    You can eat anything you want, as long as you don't go over the points. You can bank points, for a one day a week, splurge, but only one day a week. Also, exercise takes off points. There is a graph for that too.

    Each food item is listed in the book (almost all). You can figure it out from there. I recommend they go and join, get the materials, and then do it on their own. The first time will cost them, but then they can do it alone.

  • LyinEyes

    Jack , that is too funny!!!!

    Thanks for all the replies and from those who emailed me. It is very interesting, but never understood what the points meant. My sister and I will enjoy looking into this and spreading the word about what it all means.

    Mulan I am glad it has worked so much for you, my mother went yrs ago, back in the early 80's but I dont remember much about it. I do know excersise is a big key to keeping in shape, since my sister lives right behind me, we plan on walking. I guess she and I are going to support each other , as some in her office already have friends, she is the new girl.

    Again , thanks for the info all.

    Hugs, Dede

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