Family members of molested

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  • RubyTuesday

    My heart goes out to all of you.Before Dateline I had no clue that this was going on world wide.When I saw Dateline,I was in shock for days..weeks.I for so long thought that it was just our family.
    About 10 years before my niece was molested,my mom and I went to a congergation in Atascadero California.
    I really enjoyed it a first,i had two great girlfriends.For the first time I felt like i fit in.This new family moved in from another state.The father was an elder and he had 5 sons.
    I had a crush on one of sons,I was about 15 or 16.One day he came over my house and asked if i wanted to take a walk at the park.We get to the park,I was thinking he was going to give me an innocent kiss.Instead he said , I have something to show you.He unzipped his pants and showed me.I was in shock!I went running home and told my mom.She then called the elders and told them.They said they would take care of it.
    Next time we went to the meeting everyone one was looking at me strange.When we got home,one of my friends called and said.Is it true that you moved here from somewhere else because you had made sexual advances to boys at your other congergation?That was a BOLD FACE LIE!!!
    I was labeled a slut.My whole world came crashing down on me.I did'nt do anything!
    I think about how horrible this made me feel...then I think of the ones that were actually molested and not listend to totally awful it must feel for them.
    My mom is so wonderful to me,she made arrangements for me to go live in Arizona, where we used to live.(She had to stay for her career)It breaks my heart even more when i hear some of your stories that your parents did'nt help you.That was the last straw for mom and I ,we never went to another kh.Little did we know the nightmare was to continue 10 years later with my niece.
    My heart breaks everytime i hear one of these stories.

  • abbagail

    This is truly so gut-wrenching. Each new story I hear, even though I've already read hundreds, brings a new wave of intense disgust and anger. I ditto whoever said, "I hope all of you have emailed your stories to silent lambs."

    True: Most people are such ditzes they don't know how to handle abuse, so they just DO NOTHING. -- Bad Move! And shows COMPLETE IGNORANCE.

    True: Even worse are the Super Ditzes who BLAME THE VICTIM.

    True: Still even WORSE, as well documented by your stories, is the OLD BOYS CLUB/Patriarchal MENTALITY within the Org, that allows this endless stream of abuses to proliferate and continue.

    Yet the society thinks it does such a GRAND JOB of "educating its members."


    Steam-Comin'-Out-My-Ear Class

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