Watchtower: You Are Getting What You Deserve

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  • Reborn2002

    Brother Farkel pointed out-

    Well, he IS married

    Yes, I noticed that. I'm assuming that hideous thing which scurried to hold his withered body up as they scattered away from the BBC Panorama reporter was his wife.

    I said previously:

    Unfortunately, he would probably like it. It would be the only actual sexual encounter he has had in his entire life.

    I still stand correct. You'd want to call sex with that THING an encounter? Encounters are supposed to be pleasurable. Jaracz got married so as not to be viewed as another Brother Greenles (sp?)


    I'd still like to see Bubba in Cell Block D probe his puckered up rectum.

    Can you hear the old geyser squealing?


  • StLDude

    Hey Everyone,

    Just wanted to say I love this site. I am NOT a JW nor have I ever been one. However, I do have family that has been in the organization for quite a few years now. Three years ago I got laid up from a bad motorcycle wreck. I was on crutches and canes for a total of 15 months, and sat on my Mom's couch with my leg propped up for 9 months. (Thank God for Moms, I don't know what I would have done without her) Anyway, during that time I studied everything I could find about the Watch Tower and their lies. I thought I would take this information to my family and at least have some sort influence on them. WOW was I surprised! I too made the mistake of overwhelming them with too much information. I should have done as some of you have learned, to only give them a little at a time and just enough to make them think for themselves. Too much info just put them on the defensive side. We had quite a few discussions, or should I say arguments, all with no prevail. So now we don't discuss it when we get together. But I am still hoping that I will have an opportunity to again bring something up that will be thought provoking for them. Perhaps this issue of the Child Abuse will be an opener. Especially since a comment was made by my Aunt, who is a JW, made the statement, "since the Catholic Priest have been exposed, maybe these false religions will finally be exposed too." This of course was said by her before the Dateline Edition about the JW's appeared on TV. So if anyone has any suggestions on what my next move could be, I would appreciate your experiences. And now I will leave with just one last statement. It's a shame the terrorist that hit the Twin Towers on 9-11 didn't hit a different tower we all know of in New York instead.

    Thanks for listening,


    Hey Farkel,theres something big going on behind the scenes and you know about it. LOL Thanks for tipping us off. I can only wonder whats up,but it should be good...OUTLAW

  • ThiChi


    A well placed source has been hinting to me that some of the GB is getting a little frisky with a few of the female staff at Brooklyn.........and even though there was a cover up, some of the victims are seeking attorneys for source has been standing by this comments for the last six months, he swears it is true...........any confirmation, anyone??????

    "I dont repeat gossip, so listen closely the first time..." lol

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