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  • Swan

    Somehow I didn't see what the rest of you saw. I live on the West Coast. Maybe they don't show it out here.

  • sf

    Ok, this is what has transpired with CNN thusfar, re: this 'piece' for TONIGHT:

    At 5pm, California time, 'Connie Chung Tonight' aired these stories, as I saw them:

    1. Wrapped up news conference on kidnapped infant in Texas; interviewing Officer Vickers.

    2. Why some missing kids cases are in media more than others.

    3. Brief news wrap up; including Martha Stewert update.

    4. At approx. 5:20 pm. Bill Bowen (SILENTLAMBS.ORG), Heidi and Amber were interviewed, camera, by Ms. Chung.

    5. Program ends.

    At 8 pm tonight, I watched again (also phoned some to watch it re-air) TO SEE IF INDEED IT WOULD RE-AIR. That is when I noticed the promo DID NOT include Bill's 'piece', and I had a sick feeling it was not re-airing at 8:20. Thus, it did not re-air. Megan's mom of 'Megans Law' was interviewed, then the program ended.

    I will stay up til 11 to see again, if it will re-air then.

    Is there a reason it was pulled out of the re-airing schedule?


  • Goodboy

    Elsewhere: I have it digitized with DIVX, but the volume is too low. I had to run to work before I could get it right. I'm working with a new XP box and need to tweak my software. I expect to have a 4 to 5 meg digitized version within the next 12 hours. Do you think that size will be best?

    Can you stream .WMV files from your site? Might be the best way to handle it if we're expecting large bandwidth demands. Personally I'd predict under 10 simultaneous streams at any time, but that will change as interest grows in the next 30 days. What kind of bandwidth can you handle?

    The other option is what I'm planning which is to just make it a simple MPG or AVI with a common codec and let folks download it. I could have a small bandwidth version too. Then we could send the link to silentlambs.


  • Naeblis

    Oh my mistake then. I thought you had done something else. I never washed windows, but maybe I should have :D Sorry

  • Farkel


    : Oh my mistake then. I thought you had done something else. I never washed windows, but maybe I should have

    I was a "pioneer" when I did that (full-time book salesman for the Watchtower).

    Unless you have those same goals, I suggest you find other employment. Anything. ANYTHING!


    Old Fuck Class

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