A classic case of WT dishonesty.

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    I wrote that all names are man-made, meaning that the alphabets which we use to express sound in writing are man-made, and you responded:

    "'YHWH' is not a man made invention, that is God's invention."

    Since then I've been on holiday to beautiful Devon and had time for reflection and must agree with you on this. Likewise, I would think the names of Michael and Gabriel were also God-given, as well as the names of Abraham, Israel and others.

    However, I do believe it remains true that God's name is conveyed by the consonants we know and their equivalent in various alphabets. Quite clearly God has allowed for variation in the way it is pronounced.



    Some devestating logic and great reasoning on this thread!

    I like these quotes from Lisa:

    For a while there, they were confused and thought they had to "Vindicate" his name.

    Now, of course, the God whose name they don't know has informed them it is not necessary for them to VINDICATE his name (he will do that himself, apparently)

    All they need to do is SANCTIFY his name.

    What was that name, again?

    and this:

    Now what gets me about this, is the fact that the Governing Body, aka The Faithful and Discreet Slave, has based the lives of millions of people on the fact that they alone speak for Jehovah, and yet they don't even know his damned name!!!
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    Interesting case of dishonesty

    I have seen many cases of WT Writers twisting quotes..........................They see it as Spiritual warfare,;;;;end justyifying the means etc

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    wow 8 years old - Interesting! thanks for the btt JWFreak

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