CNN show viewed as Persecution by JW

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  • LovesDubs

    Hm...well didnt Christ say "if they persecuted me they will persecute you also"? If the great MAJORITY of people think A) Jehovahs Witnesses dont believe in Christ or B) Dont give a sh*t what they think, and that they are in the world do they justify saying they are being persecuted in Christs name? LOLOL!!! This is a group who LOATHE the name of Christ...and practically barf at his mention at the doors or online! Anyone who has a name online which indicates they believe in Christ is immediately marked as SATANIC. Is it me or are they so twisted they see the fresh paint on the ass of their polyester suits and not the sidewalk ahead??

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Along these same lines of JW double-think....I heard a prime example of this the other day, only in the context of 'proof of Jah's blessing' instead of persecution.

    Obviously JWs are getting some flack from householders about the WTS. The JW commented that, in the service they are hearing people criticize the WTS as being just a rich printing company. He said they can answer that by agreeing it is rich and saying that this is proof that Jah's blessing his chosen organization.

    And everyone listening just did the "yup, yup head-nodding in agreement" motion. They don't seem to think that there are other organizations and churches in the world that are rich and have lots of assets too. Why isn't that a sign of Jah's blessing them?

    So whether it be "proof of persecution" or "proof of blessing"...they will continue to twist things to fit their agenda. [:?]

    Oh well...with all the publicity bringing out the truth of the WTS, at least the average householder is now getting to see the true tarnish under all the glow and glitter.

    Had Enough

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  • JT

    Had Enough

    this is so true, for it matters not what happens to jw- they will have an explanation for it to make them look good

    yes a wonderful double standard

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