Watchtower judges man on size of nose.!!

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  • minimus

    you know, you are right. it should have said the faithful slave.

  • Quotes

    Interesting post from YouKnow, which is true to form for him/her/it: IT COMPLETELY MISSES THE POINT.

    YouKnow, does the fact that this quote was erroneously attributed to the GB when, in fact, the GB had yet to be formalized, change or reduce the impact of the statement?

    Is that the best you can do?

    Here are some YES/NO answerable questions for you, if you are brave enough. Please answer with either a YES OR NO. Feel free to qualify your answer, but start with either a YES or NO.

    (1) Do you accept the JW doctrine that Jehovah has used the WTBTS as his "channel of communication to mankind to deliver his spiritual truths/ spiritual food" since 1919?

    (2) Do you personally believe that the quoted Golden Age article from 1921 delivered "spiritual food" from Jehovah? In other words, was belief in Phrenology an important truth from Jehovah?

    I have more questions, but they depend on your answers to the first two. Please respond. Thank you.



    THE WT JUDGED MAN ON SIZE OF HIS NOSE -- LOL -- have did they ever judgw a man on the siZe of his Ptostrates $$$$ Just asking...HAHAHA LINDA LOU aka queenie (((((hugs))))) Have a great day everyone !

  • SYN

    Quotes, damnit, you beat me to it!

    What a hilarious quote! To think, the entire religion of Jehovah's Witnesses once supported phrenology (SP?) !!!! LMAO!

    Damn, am I glad I left that religion...

  • Quotes

    Still waiting for YouKnow to make his appearance and respond to the the two simple YES/NO questions on this topic (see my previous post in this thread).

    You out there YouKnow?

  • avengers
    there was no such thing as a GB back then

    Agreed! .. It was Jehovah's Spirit of Truth governing the flock.

  • expatbrit

    I've always been more a fan of retro-phrenology, as explained by the author Terry Pratchett.

    After all, if you can tell a persons personality from the lumps on their head, then logically you can change a persons personality by giving them the appropriate lumps! Want to be more caring? Whack!!

    Even better, the only thing you need to begin practicing in the field is a good set of mallets.


  • avengers
    the only thing you need to begin practicing in the field is a good set of mallets

    mallets? . I guess you need only the Three Stooges to change your personality.


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  • teenyuck


    That is really funny.

    What's even funnier is YK telling us there was no in other words, Rutherford was the idiot who came up with this idea.

  • amac

    That is a ridiculous quote. But it makes me wonder what the full context was. Was the GA preaching that as truth, or was it a quote that the GA was using to show false beliefs? Anyone that has access to this article care to shed some light on the context?

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