Armaggedon - JW Speculations

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  • In_between_days

    Armaggedon - Jehovahs Witness Speculations

    O.k, so we all know that J.W's all have their own ideas on what exactly Armaggedon is going to be like.

    Here are a few of the ideas I have heard from loyal dubs:

    Jehovah is going to instruct all the JW's to go to their Kingdom Halls and prepare for Armaggedon - The end of this system of things will then take place, destruction all around. The Kingdom Halls with the dubs in it will be safe, while the world tumbles down around them. (this is a favourate speculation from ALOT of the JW's I know)

    Armaggedon will take place, destroying everything except the homes of loyal dubs.

    Armaggedon will commence after a SPECIAL ASSEMBELY where dubs are instructed on exactly what day Armaggedon is to commence and what to do when it comes.

    Does anyone have any similar stories on speculations on the process of the end of this system of things, or perhaps your own ideas on what doomsday was going to be like when you were a JW?

    I would also like to ask how many thought when they were a JW that JW's were going to be the only survivors? And how many people know JW's now who think the same?

    I ask this because some dubs I know now say that only JW's will survive, and others say some worldly people too.

    I am interested in your response.



  • minimus

    Sorry, but we have been instructed not to speculate on Armaggedon anymore by the Faithful Slave.

  • TR

    When I was a 'hovah, we speculated that the 'hovah brethren might be forced to live at each other's homes. That's why the book study meetings were so important. So that we can get use to each others living arrangements.

    One "elder" speculated that one day we'd wake up to the news that ""HOVAHS ARE NOW A BANNED RELIGION". Of course we know what follows THAT announcement. LOL!



    Armagedon will be here next Thursday at 3 pm.If it dosen`t happen then,I have other dates and times for you.One of them aught to work out..LOL...OUTLAW

  • In_between_days

    Just an elder thought that? Every JW I know thinks that this is going to happen, alot thought it was happening when sept 11 took place.

    Sorry, but we have been instructed not to speculate on Armaggedon anymore by the Faithful Slave.
    I know, but all the JW's I know say "I know i'm not supposed to speculate on armaggedon, but this is what I think will happen"...... LOL
  • Tammie

    Here are some that I heard of when I was a dub.

    I was out in field service, and in this car group were two elders speculating on how Jehovah would handle things. Of course they never preached this from the platform. Jehovah is going to put us (JWs) on another planet when the earth is all crowded and messed up. One of the elders have sinced passed away, and the other is still an elder.

    There would be an announcement that we were to meet together, and go some where safe.

    And here is one that my mom would always say: "Just before the ending prayer of the district convetion, the attendants would lock the door. All those who did not leave early (you know to beat the rush trying to get back to the hotels) would be safe inside. While all those who choose to leave early would be destroyed at the big A." (I changed it to big A, but she said Armageddon.)

  • In_between_days
    While all those who choose to leave early would be destroyed at the big A." (I changed it to big A, but she said Armageddon.)

    I think i've actually heard this before from the platform, but it was more like "What if this were to happen brothers".....

    Scared the hell out of all those early leavers for a while.

  • RandomTask

    What about those who arrived an hour late and then took a nap, just lucky I guess.

  • LDH

    We had a Circuit Overseer, Ray Gwiazdowski, who loved to talk about Armegeddon, and how he was going to hold chipmunks in the New System, LOL.

    One evening he asked the question, "HOW WILL YOU KNOW ARMEGEDDON HAS STARTED?"

    in this big, booming, TV Preacher voice.

    Everyone in the congregation had ideas.

    1. The JWs would be banned

    2. The King of the North and South (then it was US/Russia) would announce war plans

    3. The Hall could be padlocked when you arrive!

    and on and on...the speculation must have gone on for ten minutes. Anyone that had an idea was given an opportunity to answer the question and make a fool of themself.


    I laugh about it now, but then it seemed like pearls of wisdom, the water of life, and I was just as gullible as everyone else.

    He never did explain how the FDS would get the word out. Nowadays, they could just use the internet, LOL. Or maybe they should contact Bill Bowen. He seems to get Media Coverage WAYYYYY more than they do, LOL.


    (ps, here is a thread I started on Sept. 11, it's quite funny )

  • Bang

    Tribulation goes on everyday - people are coming to terms with the deepest truth about themselves - but the wtbts simply instructs people not go there.

    It's bizzare that it is quite acceptable to jws, that most other people recieve a fate, that they, simply cannot consider should apply to themselves - a cowardly resistance to enter true tribulation.

    It well may be that the wtbts is banned in some countries - other forms of uncaring criminal activity are already.


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