even if the "new system" never comes

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  • sunflowers30

    Gawd, this is my mother too. She listens to me rant and rave about how wrong and mixed up they are and then, with tears streaming down her face she says, "I put up with it now, because I know that in 200 years, none of this will matter"

    At least she's got that right. Sigh. How do you answer that logic?

  • bboyneko

    I call for a ban on elswhere and that his account be suspended. This sickening, unprovoked slanderous attack on someones mom has crossed the line of moral decency. Off with his head!

  • blondie

    It is hard to understand why anyone who stay with an abusive husband (whoops), I mean organization. Women statistically are more likely to stay with an abusive husband than a man to stay with an abusive spouse. Nine out of ten women stay, and nine out of ten men leave. Women are so conditioned in the organization to stay in abusive situations.

    ConnieLynn, there is no easy or fast fix to your mom's thinking. Take advantage of the times when she is ranting & raving about any current abuse she has received to help her see reality. And just keep loving her like you have been. We can't make people be what we think they should be or need to be. It's hard enough to change ourselves. But just keep loving her.

  • garybuss

    Thanks for the post Connie,

    When I asked my father about the possibility that he was wrong about the idea that Armageddon would save him from death, he said, "Even if I was wrong, I couldn't have had a better life (as a JW)".

    His great life was my hell. He forced me to perform like a JW puppet so he could look good and advance up the hierarchy.

    He is now 82 and I am taking all bets that he will not be immortal, but will die like everybody ever born before him. It's nice to dream and hope for the impossible but his delusion was at my expense. That's not right.

    When I objected to it all, he rejected me in a blink of his eye.

    It was discouraging at first, but their fear covered by their ignorance is mostly impenetrable. They defend their right and wrong with equal vigor and dedication. The Watch Tower has become their god and all their trust and hope is tied up in it. They believe their salvation is tied to their loyalty to the Corporation, right or wrong. If the Corporation is right, it a sign God is using them. If the Corporation is wrong, it is seen as a loyalty test. Either way they are bound.


  • not interested
    not interested

    i once heard a elder say "even if its wrong, being a witness is still the best way to live"

    thats about as much crap as i could stand, sometimes i find myself wishing that my fmily would leave the "borg" but at the same time i know that my parents could not exist outside of it, shoot im opnly 30 and i have a hard time living outside the "borg" from time to time, but id rataher deal with life's ups and downs outside it then in it

  • musky

    connielynn, Have you thought about confronting your mother again with what she said? If it was my mom, I would say, " Did you really say that it doesent matter if they are right or if armegeddon comes? If you really believe this , then please, don't find fault with me for deciding not to be a witness. Please don't ask me to believe something that might not be true."

    With your moms reasoning, anything goes. You could believe in anything that suits your fancy, and just keep believing it no matter what. If you asked your mom " what if a person that was catholic told me it didnt matter if catholics were right or not. I will just keep believing in the pope. How would I witness to this person, mom??"

  • In_between_days
    " the end is nigh and they should do all they can to prepare for the impending destruction about to befall everyone. She asked me to talk to an elder again because she hates to think that I am going to lose my life outside of Jehovahs organization.

    This sound familiar to me to. I got told Jehovah will soon be sorting the sheep from the goats, and what will be my standing?

    It's really hard to think that my mum thinks I am going to die - it must be really upsetting for her, kind of like watching your child with cancer. I feel sorry for her, and know she only means well, but it angers me that the WT has ingrained this kind of deluded thinking in it's members.

  • Pathofthorns

    I had the same comments from my parents as well, including the "even if it is wrong it was still the best way of life".

    I don't think at that point there is any common ground and very little hope for them. They have passed beyond all logic and reason and have resigned themselves to being Witnesses no matter what. If they believe they are happy then often times you find that you have to leave them with their beliefs and part ways.

    I just couldn't base my life on something that *might* be wrong and I am amazed that this religion has programmed so many members to stay in until the bitter end. It could all be openly exposed for the sham it is and so many will say "where else will we go and what better life is there?"


  • garybuss

    It's much more that a religion with my parents and I suspect many other long time Witnesses. It's a habit, a community, a society, a culture, a structure, it's comfortable to them. Many of them are lazy and it is work to be free and to be responsible for my own life and my own behavior. For me reality has had worries I never had as a JW. It also was work to learn how to live in the real world. I had to learn manners and honesty and ethics and patience and acceptance of so much that did not seem right but that was real like death and pain and hunger.

    For many Witnesses, the group and the activities is their hope and their purpose for living. It is their life.



    TRANSLATION:Even if WBTS is lying to us, we wouldn`t go anyplace else.....These people no longer think for themselves...OUTLAW

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