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  • Pathofthorns

    Lisa is probably one of the posters that cracks me up the most. I read on some thread the other day that she once walked up to some guy she had met only earlier that day and started to eat off his plate at a cafe right in front of his girl.. haha.. left me in stitches!

    Her "dignified disrespect" and fearlessness reminds me of an old friend that wears and worries the hell out of me out of fear of what they will do next but she is a load of fun in public.


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  • animal

    Plus... she would look good on the back of my bike.


  • minimus

    Lisa, too bad, too bad. You would have been a good elder.

  • ozziepost

    Lisa, too bad, too bad. You would have been a good elder.

    Don't wish that on the poor girl, minimus!


    Kismet's lovely post gives me an opportunity to also express my appreciation for your posting here. Whenever I see you familiar pic, I know that there'll be a post I don't want to miss. I try to read each one, no easy task when there is so much activity. But your posts are worth it.

    So thanks, Lisa, from downunder.

    Cheers, Ozzie

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  • outnfree

    <<--also a member of the LDH fan club!!!!

    You GO, girl!!!!

  • Prisca
    But your posts are worth it.

    I agree. I've been a fan of Lisa's even before she came onto this board, and I enjoy every one of her posts. They're interesting, funny, informative, or just "kick ass", but they always are totally worth wading through hundreds of other posts for. Not only that, but she's a great friend, in good times and in bad.


    founding member of the "Lisa Kicks Ass Fan CLub"

  • Nikita


    Just wanted to say that I have admired your posts since joining a few months agao, as well. You have the courage to state what you think and feel in a coherent way. I admire that!


  • LDH

    (((((((((((ALL OF YOU)))))))))))))))


    I am blown away, and you know why.


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