Bethelites....a real catch ?

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  • myself

    IMO from the bethelites that I knew- I would definately throw that fish back into the water.

  • zenpunk

    The sisters at my old congregation used to practically line up at the front of the KH when a new Bethel boy arrived. It was like the Yale of the JWs. They were so blinded that these men were the ultimate catch. But here's the real truth:

    A sister and I got married a month apart. I married a non-WTFarm boy (whew) and she married the good-ol Bethel boy. Here's our lives 8 years later:

    Me and my husband - out of the borg with house, careers, college, vacations, happiness, about to start a family later in the marriage.

    Her and her husband - baby factory, tiny apartment, one income from painting houses, no time for recreation, saying they're happy with a blank exhausted stare.

    And people thought I was foolish for "just saying no" to Bethelites!

  • SimplyPato

    what is so special about a bethelite? that makes them hot . 
  • joannadandy

    Yes, I was witness to more than a few stampedes when a Bethelite showed up in the neighborhood.

    I honestly think that to survive in the WTS you need a strong spiritual partner, or at least that was the crap they fed us. Frankly I never understood it. Bethelites where the pinacle, the most holy of holy, or something. Which is why I didn't want them. Hahaha! Who can live up to those standards?

    Well I really didn't get a say in the matter. I wasn't baptized so I was poor material, so even the scab witness guys didn't want anything to do with me. Oh yes, and I'm butt freaking ugly, which might have also factored into it.

    But did anyone ever notice that? The dub guys had their pick of women, but girls you just sit on the sidelines and wait for a good little dub boy to pick you? I dunno, but that's how it worked in my hall.

  • cellomould

    I had a conversation not long ago with a friend who is a JW elder. He told me about 2 gals about my age (they are cousins) in that k.h. who are getting married. Both are marrying 'Bethelites'. They are, by the way, recently baptized as JWs. One of them just finished her B.A. degree in communications, having begun college before being recruited.

    Why does the JW organization let women believe they can be 'worth something' if they marry for rank and prestige?

    He must have thought hearing the news made me happy. But no, it made me quite sad and angry. Those were my friends. To see their values replaced with an enduring desire to 'please Jehovah' (whose celestial throne is in Brooklyn, didn't you know) is painful.


  • Farkel

    I only know of one ex-Bethelite that turned out to be a dirtbag. He got involved with drugs None of the other Bethelites I knew acted any different from anyone else and had the same kinds of jobs and families the rest of us had: dysfunctional.


  • Kingpawn


    Oh yes, and I'm butt freaking ugly,

    I'm assuming the pic you have under your profile is you. You're not ugly! Actually cute is the word that comes to mind. Nice sense of humor. Smiling. How many smiles do you see on people's faces (SYN is excused). :)

    I know this is off-topic but the issue needed to be addressed and SQUASHED before it got to where you believe it.

    <rubbing one index finger perpendicularly over the other at Joannadandy>

  • joannadandy

    ahh king...thanks...

    <----has no idea where the blushing smiley is

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