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  • Adonai438

    War is not something God 'likes' but it a reality in this world.

    Defending ones country and beliefs and freedom is not the same thing as 'condoning or likeing' war or death. Jws argue separation from the world and thus do not involve themselves in anything not JW. Jws enjoy the freedoms of our country and urges government condonement of their beliefs in other countries but they don't care that someone had to defend those freedoms at some point or they wouldn't exist. They take and do not give in every aspect of 'worldly' involvement-- government, courts, welfare, blood (they take others donated blood fractions but cannot donate blood themselves) and many other things. Others cited appropriately above on this. Also, In ancient Israel God ordained, supported and commanded many wars. Not because he pleasures in anyone dying but because it was neccessary to defend the *good guys*.

    Holidays In General

    Christians celebrate holidays as worship to God and remembrances for works he has done. This concept is instituted by God himself as he commands celebrations through out the old testament. As mentioned earlier, Jesus even is recorded as celebrating Hannukah even though that holiday is not commanded. While celebrating holidays is not commanded or a necessity to Christian faith, it is also not inappropriate or sinful. The Bible speaks against judging over celebration of holidays in Colossians 2:16. It is the meaning that counts.

    • Christmas--
    celebrates God sending Jesus. Easter-- also called Resurrection Day-- celebrates Christs resurrection-- this date is known for sure as correct because of Passover . Contrary to somes beliefs- the word Easter is not derived from the false fertility goddess Ishtar. It is derived from a high German word for White week which is reference to when Christianity made it to Germany there was a spring week in which people wore white and were baptized as a testament to their faith in Christ. The name stuck in reference to the Resurrectoin day because it was the same week. Birthdays -- celebrate being blessed with another year from the Lord and all the great things he has done in our lives.Mothers & Fathers Day-- Celebrate our parents-> honor your father and mother! A holiday is not commanded but it is not ruled out. New Years--Celebrates the beginning of a new year.4 th of July-- celebrates the founding of this nation- incidentally by Christians that chose to leave Europe to start a country where citizens can choose their religion and worship freely without persecution. In England this was not the case with their state established religion. God instituted & gave the governments their authority and we are commanded to respect them as far as they dont hinder Gods law.

    Just because the world doesnt worship God like they should or honor the true meaning of holiday celebrations doesnt mean the celebrations are wrong or sinful. In that reasoning we couldnt do anything for Satan has copied everything God does to try and deceive. We couldnt have church on Sunday because Satanists have black mass which worships Satan, we couldnt read the Bible because a Satanist version of it exists.

    From the Watchtowers own publication we read:

    *** g76 12/22 14 Are They Idolatrous Decorations? *** "So the Christian needs to be primarily concerned about what? Not what a certain symbol or design possibly meant thousands of years ago or how it might be thought of on the other side of the world, but what it means now to most people where he lives. With so many different designs having been used in false worship, if a person went to the trouble and took the time he might find an undesirable connection with almost every design he sees around him. But why do that? Would it not be needlessly upsetting? And is that the best use of one's time and attention? Paul, however, also showed the value of concentrating on the things that are of real importance instead of getting involved in controversy over petty meanings and possible connections that are not of obvious significance. (1 Cor. 10:25, 26; 2 Tim. 2:14, 23)"

    Hope this is a little helpful ;) And feel free to email me personally at:

    [email protected]

    I am a ex-jw now chricstian, if you want other info or to know my story -- I have alot on different subjects because my husband & I have a ministry to the JWs.

    Have a great night! <>< Angie

  • Gritsgirl

    Thanks for Romans 14. It seems to me, in our friends, that they have been brainwashed (for lack of a better term). All of a sudden, they aren't going by scripture but by what their friends in JW believe. I didn't think there were any scriptures to back not celebrating holidays. My southern baptist mom always said, the Lord convicts each heart how to live and if we are striving to walk for the Lord we will follow the Bible. Some of the things they are doing aren't from the Bible. It's like their brain isn't their own. I guess I could be way off base. But the next time they start saying things with that blank look on their face at least I'll have some thoughts/questions ready. This is an intense group!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    We have close friends who secretly became JW's

    How do you 'secretly' become a JW? (I've never been one, so I'm curious). Is it a secret to the JW's or to their friends, and if so, why a secret?

  • Gritsgirl

    Let's see if I can clarify that. We knew for about 1 1/2 yrs. they were up to something. But they were "secretive". It's my feeling that they were instructed not to tell their friends about being JW until they could try and back up what they say. They also went on trips to NY which we thought were probably with the JW mother-in-law. She went to "conventions" of some type. They also wouldn't go camping to Gettysburg, I think because it was a battlefield (they used to go).

  • plmkrzy
    It's my feeling that they were instructed not to tell their friends about being JW until they could try and back up what they say.

    I think your confusing them with the masons.

    Its ok it happens a lot around here.LOL

  • Gritsgirl

    Naa!! I just think the JW people wanted them to wait a while before they came out with JW stuff. What exactly are masons? aren't they like a men's secret type club? Also, this may not be the right forum but they had some JW guy pray at a party for one of their children and he kept saying a word before he said Jehovah. I don't think it was Abba. Any clues? Anyone?

  • MikeMusto


    As I stated, based on the principles I quoted, I believe that Cornelius could not involve himself

    in a the military. There is no further mention of him, that I am aware of. I would not think that

    he would maintian his military position while Jews and Christians were slaughtered a few years later

    in Jerusalem..Again this is my opinion.

    Are you drunk or delerious today, Mike? Are you feeling ill?

    If not, I eagerly await the scriptural basis for these assertions. I want to see the scriptures that say that Thanksgiving and Mother's Day are unacceptable for Christians, but that wedding anniversaries are OK.

    PLEASE, show me those scriptures!!!

    If this is your level of really need to work on read my post.

    I stated that these holidays were unscriptural...they are ...the are not in the Bible.

    I also stated that anniversaries were unscriptural.....

    I never stated that these were unacceptable to Christians.

    I suggest,before you read a post by an active JW you take a deep breath before jumping to a conclusion as to

    what opinion the post will contain.

  • jgnat

    When my honey gets hot under the collar about birthdays and Christmas, repeating ad nauseum that these celebrations are not in the bible, I remind him that computers are not in the bible either. And we're not giving them up. Also, last I checked, there were no beheadings at the birthdays I went to.

  • stichione

    Hey MikeMusto, I don't beleive the Christians who listened to Christs words were slaughtered in Jerusalem in 70 A.D. They followed Jesus' prophesy and left that city in 66 A.D. As for Cornelius, there is no indication he resigned as a soldier after baptism. Also Matthew 8: 5-10 recounts how Jesus healed a slave of an army officer. Jesus didn't ask him to quit the military first. Then theres Luke 3:10-14 where military people asked John the Baptizer:" What shall we do also?". He didn't answer 'quit the military', but answered in a completely different manner.

  • NeonMadman
    I would not think that he would maintian his military position while Jews and Christians were slaughtered a few years later in Jerusalem..Again this is my opinion.

    And you are certainly entitled to your opinion, Mike. But, as I said, if you are presenting it as something that others should believe, then, as I indicated, the burden of proof is upon you.

    Frankly, I fully understand that Christians can disagree on the issue of war and military service, and I don't mean to present my ideas on the issue as if they represented the only possible viewpoint.

    What triggered my response, however, was your remark that "There is also no indication that Cornelius stayed an officer of the military." In utilizing that argument, you are attempting to shift the burden of proof to your audience (i.e., to offer proof that Cornelius did not resign the military). If you assert that he did do so, then you are concluding that something must have happened that the scriptures failed to record. Properly, in that situation, the burden rests with you to show that such a thing did occur.

    However, as I said, your opinion is your own, and as long as you qualify it as being such, I can't properly object to your expression of it.

    If this is your level of really need to work on read my post.

    You may have a point there. On re-reading your post, I do get a somewhat different meaning from your statement that "There is no scriptural basis for NOT celebrating these things" from the way I originally understood it. However, I think your wording was a bit ambiguous, too. On first reading, I understood you to be saying that the holidays not celebrated by JW's were "unscriptural". Having been a JW for many years, I understood your use of the word "unscriptural" as the usual JW code word to mean "to be avoided" or "wrong". If you actually meant it in the wider sense of "not found in the Bible," (which is actually the more common sense among non-JW's), then I misunderstood your usage.

    On second reading, I now gather that your remark, "There is no scriptural basis for NOT celebrating these things," actually referred to ALL of the celebrations in question, and not just to anniversaries etc. So I apologize for my misunderstanding of your words, and for any remarks I made that may have offended.

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