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  • Quincy

    To all...we have come to the decision to keep the baby...thank you all for all of your imput and support and help with my situation...I will keep you posted with the due date, and anything else that comes along....Q

  • Nikita

    Your niece is so excited!!

    We are too! However we can help, just let us know!


  • Mister 8iggs
    Mister 8iggs

    I'm so happy.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    WOOHOOO!!! yay (((quincy and baby)))! good luck with everything!

  • av8orntexas

    Congrats on the baby !!!! It has it I've been told. But you'll probably look back when 18 years from now and see all your hard work and joy ...and be very happy with the decision.

    "Some people miss the silver lining because they're looking for gold. "

  • aluminutty

    Awesome news! I am so excited for you. When I found out that I was going to bee a dad, I smiled so much and for so long that my face started to hurt. It makes me grin all over again to read your words. Even if things are hard, and they may be for you right now, i haven't read your previous post, it'll all be OK. The blind have special insite, and I *would* know! <grin>

    Love your child and throughout his life treat him with the awe and wonder and love you'll feel the first time you hold him. You probibly don't understand me now, but you will!!!

  • Kingpawn



    You'll be starting on one of the most difficult (at times) and rewarding careers in your life. At times s/he will frustrate you, anger you, awaken you--but as the father of two daughters I wouldn't have had it any other way.

    I took a hands-on approach with my children from day one, literally. I still remember walking across the waiting room to see my oldest, one knee almost buckling under me; calling her grandfather to tell him of his new grandchild; being horrified when the nurses held her up like a fish to measure her; and finally putting on a gown and being able to hold and feed her.

    Now she's out of school, working part-time, and I look back over all we've been through. I think of all the values I hope she picked up from me (she's still at home, but the first few years are crucial). Did I raise her right? How will she face life when we aren't around? What will she pass on to her children, if there are any?

    I hope you don't feel that raising a child is only a woman's job. S/he needs a father's input too. Your baby will look to the two of you as perfect examples of adulthood and base a lot of his or her values and qualities they'll look for in a mate on the two of you.

    AND, Mister, we expect to hear about your experiences (both yours and the mother's), any questions (and you'll have them), and milestones reached! :) Sure it'll be a while, but this doesn't happen here every day. Wow, do I feel young again! A lot of the others on here must too.

    Good luck and enjoy.


  • Solace

    Aww, congratulations, t hat is so sweet!

    I just wuv kuute, widdow, biddy babies!

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  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Congrats Quincy! You will never regret the decision. And you know what is really special? The first time your child comes up to you and gives you a hug, or crawls up on your lap, "just 'cuz". That's cool.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    OUTSTANDING!! I'm excited for you. Babies and kids are the BEST! Congrats Quincy.

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