smoking-"if one ERRS"

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  • Mulan

    I honestly don't understand what all the fuss is about. I am not a person who loves the smell of smoke either, but I don't insist on the no smoking section in a restaurant, and isn't it the person's right to choose for themselves? And where does it say anywhere that it is such a terrible sin?

    I have a dub girlfriend, whose son smokes. He isn't a witness and it kills her that he smokes. I just don't get it!!! I have a son that smokes and I still love changes nothing for me.

    So, someone tell me why you are judging smokers? It's their life, not yours. If they want to get cancer, and no one can say for sure they will, it's none of your concern. There are many other factors that make a person have cancer.................Sharon NEVER even puffed a cigarette and she died of cancer at age 59.

    ALMOST everyone I know, who smokes, won't smoke in their own house and they don't even TRY to do it in anyone else's house.

  • blueroom

    "The Bible clearly states that NOTHING that you take into the body defiles it. It's what comes out of the mouth. So you can inhale but you can't exhale."


    How do you see the JW view of blood tranfusions?

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