I was only 3...

by FreeToBeMe 19 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • teejay

    You are a Champion.

  • Tanalyst

    You're healing and growing. Congratulations

    Growing up, I often viewed my own mother as married to the religion.It was your mother's belief system that allowed her to leave you alone.Have a nice day.

  • sunshineToo


    May your healing time begin.



  • outoftheorg

    Yes FreeToBeMe

    We remember, We know, It hurt.

  • SYN

    Great poem! Keep writing!

  • Pistoff

    great job.........keep writing and posting; save them as well.
    I wrote poems several years ago, different subject and became entralled with the process. I kept original drafts, even as I rewrote them, just to get in touch with the process.
    I also was undecided as to whether to use rhyming in the poems, now I just do both. If the subject matter is more important to me than the rhyming, i just write it and let the emotions out rather than constrain them to the rhyming scheme; it was more expressive, methinks.

  • ISP

    Great poetry.

    I hope you can put it behind you, though. The poetry might help.


  • outnfree


    How horribly painful your little life had been. So glad to hear that you are able to embrace your past to inform your present.

    Happy healing!


  • Imbue


    This is an interesting poem. I've found writing is a tool for healing even though I hate writing. I have to work at writing that's why. I prefer to make images to express my thoughts because it comes easily to me.

    Lady Lee Says:

    I sometimes find looking at how many have read my work is better than reading how many posted to it - less depressing

    It's because your essays are comprehensive and there is little to add to your thoughts. So, yes what matters is how many read your essays.

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  • FreeToBeMe

    Thanx all,

    I will write and post some more as and when the motivation and inclination arises... and not just the sad stuff either. I have a great life today and am able to acknowledge that the time spent in JWs has some bearing on that... it taught me how not to be and what not to do. I've gone on the know an experience a better way.


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