I was only 3...

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  • FreeToBeMe

    A little poem I wrote. My first attempt at breaking into verse, albeit I've written about it previously in prose...Left alone, abandoned when only three Why me? Why me? My first memory Of mum leaving me It wouldn't have lasted as a memory If it didn't happen repeatedly You see I thought no one loved me I was only three when my mum first left me Too busy was she On her ministry With glee No time for me They found me Wet, it was raining you see Alone, just me In this vast sea Of humanity They laughed, tee-hee Oh silly me I should've known better, who me? I was only three when my mum first left me It is my first memory How can this be? It happened repeatedly He beat me She watched, happily Twenty minutes late from school, "You silly B.." "I'll teach you" said he As he beat me repeatedly I lost count after three And went to bed without tea "Why?" said he "Because you love me" Said me, repeatedly Another memory How can this be? It happened repeatedly Then she beat me No bruises could I see They were on my back you see Another note to School, no P.E. They would see They did see "What happened to thee?" "I fell from a tree" Said me Silly of me to be up a tree "Why can't you see what is really happening to me?" I thought angrily Just another memory I was only three When my mum first left me

  • flower

    (((((hugs)))) .

    its not too bad for a first attempt. keep writing it helps sometimes.

    dont worry about not getting any responses here..most people here have more important things to do besides worry about silly frivilous things like someone trying to express their pain.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    ((((Freetobeme)))) how poignant, How sad.

    flower I sometimes find looking at how many have read my work is better than reading how many posted to it - less depressing (((flower))) too

  • Cassiline


    Hugs to you lady.


    Hugs to you for bringing this to the top. Seeing it was posted at 0421 hrs. Some may have missed it.

  • flower

    You guys are right I'm just feeling sad these days and I hated seeing this post unanswered. Its pretty early for a sunday though so that is probably why...Sorry.

    Point taken Lee, I do read all yours.

  • FreeFallin


    A beautiful and touching poem. You should write some more.


  • witchywoman


    Your attempt to express your feelings were excellent. I have no experince with being raised in the truth. Many people here do, and you are in the right place. I am not good with the computer stuff. If you look for Miss Lady Lee and follow her around she is a great lady and one hell of survivor.

    Keep your poems coming, you are not only helping yourself, but your sharing is helping others too. Where ever you can find some consolation take it. Don`t ever turn away help when someone offers it to you. It is time you had some goodness in your life, you deserve it, and you always have deserved it. It is your right as a human being.

    I`m sorry you had to endure so much pain at the hands of your own parents. I am so terriblly sorry that all of that shit has happened to you.

    Welcome aboard! And let me say that I am happy to hear you are "Free to be YOU"


  • Wolfgirl

    I'm so sorry. I understand.

  • bigfloppydog

    A very heart-wrenching poem.

    I'm thinking of you.

    hugs to you.

  • FreeToBeMe

    Thanx for the replies folks ... I wasn't up at 4am posting it... being in the UK I'm somewhere between 5 & 8 hrs ahead of the US. The beautiful thing is I can now visit that time in my past, experience the emotions as if I was still there, and then pull myself through it... it is history, my history... and I can use it today in a helpful way.


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