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  • Flip

    The depths of hurt felt over broken relationships actually increase the more we learn how shallow the source.


  • Vivamus

    Thank you! all of you, for being so very sweet!

    Flower, I am sorry you are feeling depressed too! Big hug to ya.

    Witchywoman, I can talk to my mum, but not with her, there is this huge JW-wall standing between me and her. In the past, I could tell her everything I felt, now, if I try to explain, she just looks at me, blank. It is not that she is shunning me, she just doesn't understand. And what hurts the most is when she'll say "But sweetie, that they are shunning you is something you knew up front, and yet you left the organization anyway, you choose it".

    Trauma, I enjoyed chatting with you too. I'll look for you on chat, when I am awake this time

    SYN, the thought alone made me smile.

    Flip, what you wrote is so beautiful. How is it possible that one sentence, contains so much truth in it.

    Hugs and peace to all of you out there.




    My heart goes out to you too. Please talk to someone. It helps. Therapy has helped me a great deal. Of course, the Paxil helps too but don't take anything unless your therapist recommends it. Depression is terrible. Just know that everyone here cares very much for you.


  • Vivamus

    Aw Bonezz, thank you! I just had a hard time all of a sudden with my "friends" shunning me. I got a lot of inside info on my former congregation all of a sudden, plus I found a bunch of old picts... and there I went.

    But, I'm much better now.

    Hugs, Viv.

  • cellomould

    As hard as it is, try to be outdoors or up and about when you are depressed. I wish I could have made this a habit last year. To be honest, I was feeling down quite often.

    I had a bad day today, and tried to make it better by going to the gym. I hope I feel the positive effects by tomorrow, because I haven't felt them yet. I suppose I am not as angry and upset.

    Stay as active as you can. Even if you must choose the light chores over the heavy ones.


  • butalbee

    Depression is no stranger in my life. It's like a deep dark hole that can never be filled, a bottomless pit that is always empty. It's tormenting loosing people in life, whether from death or circumstances...but what I learned from all my self-pity and anger, is that you've gotta go on, life moves on, and so must you. You've gotta find that strength within to be strong, push forward even when you don't want to.

  • Sirona


    Sorry to hear you are so down. I hope things improve soon.

    I know how you feel about your JW mum. Mine is the same. If I talk to her, the solution is always "well you could go back to the hall" or "if you hadn't stopped going youd have all those friends". She can't seem to see that the hall is not the solution to everything.


  • Vivamus

    I guess we all have our lows at times. But it is good to know that here, there are people who understand, and care. And despite the hurt we all feel at times, it is so good to be out!

    Love and hugs to all of you.


  • ozziepost


    Just a thought. Sometimes the weather can affect it. No, really. If you've been through a prolonged period of gloomy weather, it's possible that can have a depressing effect.

    I know of someone, (you may know who), who experienced this last year.

    Could a spot of fresh air and sunshine help?

    wel te rusten,


  • Vivamus


    Yeah, gloomy weather certainly has a gloomy effect on me. Right now though, I am fine, the sun is shining and I'm going camping for a few days with some friends. Life is good.

    Welterusten Ozzie! Take care!

    Love and hugs, Viv.

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