Coming Out; A Question.

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  • Englishman

    I'm intrigued to see that Prisca has decided to "come out" and posted her real pic, (even her car has turned up in a post by Stephanaus). Termite has said "sod 'em all" with the result that her Titian locks are visible in umpteen posts, and Li'l Toe put up his pic right from day one.

    My question (to everyone) is this: Do you feel that revealing your real identity on this site is an essential part of your departure from the religion of Jehovah's witnesses, or do you feel that it doesn't make any difference to your personal growth whether or not you ever reveal who you really are?


  • ashitaka


    I'll feel better once I can reveal my name and picture, and that's coming soon. I'd like to get to know you guys personally, and I think having to be secretive all of the time hampers that.

    Plus, I don't give a damn about the bastards who are chasing me, and if they DF me, then so be it. I just don't want to hide like a criminal anymore.


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  • Vivamus

    Yes, I do think it is a sign of being free from the Borg if you post your own pict, sign with your own name. I was a bit nervous about showing my pict, although I have been DF'd, my mum and grandma are still in the Borg, and that gave me an itchy feeling when posting my pict. Not that I don't want them to know what I say, but if members of my former cong. saw my pict, they could hold whatever I say, against my mum.

    But, I still havent signed with my own name.

    Breakthrough, I will sign this post with my own name.


  • zev

    you always pose such interesting questions and thoughts e-man.

    i have all but come out here, and yes, i felt after my depatrture i NEEDED to do so.

    <------ that is me there, a picture Gwen took a while ago.

    but because my sisters post here, and i know my mom at least lurks here, and technically my mom and dad are just inactive, and could potentially face a firing squad because of my status and relationship with them, i refrain from posting my last name to the board.

    my name is Harold my last name is included in this scripture:

    *** Rbi8 John 15:1 *** 15 I am the true vine, and my Father is the cultivator.

    but i wont say which word

    i live in Central Falls RI

    and there you have it.

    now you know Zev

  • DakotaRed

    For me, my real picture and name have always been open. Once I DA'd, I feared nothing more from any of them. My address and phone number are open too, I just decline to post them publicly for obvious reasons (not a good idea on the internet).

    Lew W

  • pomegranate

    i live in Central Falls RI

    That's not far from me...

    Hey...we just had an apostofest up in MA 4-6 weeks my house, did you know about it?
    Jim (jjriz) and Joe (joriz) were here and did the invitational...


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Hi there Nora - welcome to being "out"

    I have been "out" for a few years now. At first when I was on the net my girls were still young. But as they got older I felt I no longer had to protect them

    I like the honestly of being out. No more lies

  • mouthy

    Just wish I knew HOW to post my picture!!!!!

    I am so dopey!! It is all I can do to type........Zev! you look better in person, Say Hi to Gwen.Think of you both often....


  • LB

    I'm inactive yet this is my real picture. I've posted my name here and the congregation that I used to attend. I wouldn't do that at first. Now it' reached a point I just don't care what happens. The DA is coming so I'll save them the effort.

    So Englishman, yep, it's part of it I'd say.

  • zev


    i did hear about it, unfortunately, i had to work that weekend.

    i'm sorry we missed it, but if y'all ever do anything like that again, please let me know. Gwen and i both enjoy going to these gatherings and meeting some very excellent people.

    ex-jw's ARE the FINEST people on earth.

    the best people.

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