I just don't get it

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  • RandomTask

    Its my personal philosophy that the whole purpose of life is to make this journey. Not a literal journey, but a journey of discovery. All my life I have pondered on they why's and hows and I still don't know the answer, but I know a hell of a lot more than I used to!

    Just don't get too wrapped up in the routine of daily life, enjoy your gift of life. For all we know, we only get a few decades on this earth and then its over. Try to keep things in that perspective and act accordingly.


  • COMF

    Safe... you're not supposed to get it. You're supposed to live it. Just live it, hon. Do what seems right to you, and enjoy yourself. That's it! Go for it.

  • safe4kids

    Yup yup yup...thank you all for your replies (well, mostly )

    I don't sit around and morosely contemplate the great unanswerable questions, for the most part. I agree that life is for living and there really is no other purpose than what we as individuals make for ourselves. And I do accept, and am usually content with, the fact that there aren't answers or that, even if there are a few, I may never know them. That's ok. On occasion, tho, I have moments where I lose sight of the greater picture...had one of those last night, obviously. Thanks for the reminders!

    (((Craig))), I really like the philosophical response...perhaps it will become my new motto (And WHERE THE HELL is my pic??)

    (((((Lauralisa)))) thanks for the hug and support! How the heck are ya anyway?!

    Animal, I'm working on being able to tell people to f*** off . I've never been very good at it, but I am overcoming my codependency programming!


    (((((outnfree))))))LOLOL...hey! you owe me an email...get typing!

    Larc, excellent advice ... the ocean has that effect on me.

    Mackin, I expected that answer would show up in here somewhere.

    (((Comf))) as always, clear, understandable, and succinct...thank you.

    Valis, a tempting offer...but what would your therapist say??!

    Heaven, Xena, Big Tex, Heathen, Jesus, Spider, Lew, and RandomT...thanks for the input...I guess one thing I need to keep in mind is that we're all in the same boat...after all, none of us will get out of this alive


  • Swan

    I have learned a lot just observing nature. Eat only when you are hungry, sleep only when you are tired, drink only when you are thirsty. Work and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, but play when you feel like playing. Enjoy each day as it comes. Enjoy life for the many moments of bliss that it has brought in the past and will bring in the future. Cherish them and the memory of them will help sustain you during the stressful times. Look up at the stars and feel your insignificance in the universe and in the passage of time, and that brings you the peace of keeping everything in perspective.

    When I look at nature it all seems so simple, but so many things distract us from our goal. It is easy to get caught up in that. I myself have been distracted often, but I keep working on it.

  • rosalyn

    reading the board for about an hour now.....head is in a whirl....and then I come to this thread....some very wonderful responses posted here.

    One of my philosophies: Just care for each other. Have more but that'll be it for now.


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