Son plays football, even his old man gets a job!!

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  • LyinEyes

    As many of you know we just put all three of our kids in school , their first day will be Monday. My son has been practicing for a week, 7 am for 2 hrs and again at 7pm for 2 hrs. Well it has exhausted him, and he is loving every minute of it. Today he got his uniform his is number 21, cleaned up his helmet and had pictures made. He is playing free safety and tight end. This is the happiest he has ever been and he is making some good ole country boy friends.

    Well, his dad Wild Turkey, has been taking him back and forth to practice and even suited up with the whole team and other coachs to help the boys with practice, learn their assignments.

    It was funny because Wild would come home dirty, and hurting from having a kid ram his helmet in his gut. But he loves it too.

    Today he walked in and told me they just made his assistant coach............ WOW!!!!!!!!

    Denny(Wild) loves football , and gave up many offers to play college football, but being a GOOD JW, he gave up his dream and lost the youth with it.

    Now he has a dream come that has come true, he has always wanted to be a coach , he is such a good teacher , and he can really motivate a team. He even got his picture made for the year book today as assistant coach, and asked if he could take one with our son Jake. I wasnt able to be there , but I can imagine the pride Denny felt at that moment. They have become even closer this last week, and now we pray he will be safe out on the field.

    My younger kids got new backpacks and they are so excited ,they even want to go to bed early to get ready for school.

    I am just posting this to share a part of our life and how different things are since leaving the borg.

    For any of you out there wondering if you will be happy if you leave the borg,,,,,,,, my answer is ........ so much more than you will ever know.

  • AjaxMan


    That's GREAT!!!!!

    Thank you very much for sharing wonderful events in your life.

    Congratulations on Wild Turkey's new job, on your kids going to school and on your son playing football.

    Your posts and threads are the ones that we need to have more as to show everybody that THERE IS LIFE OUTSIDE THE BORG!!! As you've seen, things in the world outside the JWs are NOT as bad as they are portrayed. You and Turkey are people who deserve nothing but the best in life after what you've been through (giving up your dreams and goals for a no-good cult). Both of you work hard and you're accomplishing.

    Posts and threads like this are encouraging for many. Keep it up, DeDe, you are doing a great job (better than me, I admit) showing many others that it is not up to a mind-controlling organization how people should live their lives, it is up to people. That is why JWs and many cults HATE individual/independent thinking.

    Keep posting threads like that, DeDe. Those are wonderful news that can uplift people and make them think that: HELL, they CAN do that too.

    Congratulations, regards, hugs and kisses,


  • Hmmm

    Congrats LyinEyes and WatchTow... er WildTurkey!

    And amen Ajax!

  • peaceloveharmony

    congrats eyes and wild! and kids, esp. jake :)

    hugs and kisses

  • LB

    Way to go WT. I didn't become a JW until I was old enough to know better, so I got to play college ball. But trust me, things sure changed after highschool. Everyone at the college level was fast, big and mean mostly. But it was a memory I am glad I had.

    I too have started coaching again. I'm the highschool cross country coach and also the basketball coach this year. Well assistant coach for basketball which is also the head coach for JV's. Paying jobs, imagine that!!!

    I know you'll agree that working with kids that really want to play is worth every minute. Motivating kids that are so-so is also rewarding. Enjoy your season. And, don't go head to head with those kids. They will love punishing you

  • teejay

    Thanks for that snapshot of what's happening in your family's life.

    Wild sounds a lot like me in many ways (except the part about college offers). Although you older folks may have missed out on some of the good stuff, you're at least able to see to it that your kids get a shot at a good and full life.

    Your post does nothing but make me smile. Another set of lives, another family, set free from the borg.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Congrats! Hey, think there's any chance he could move up to help the Cowboys? The only problem with that is he'd have to deal with Jerry . . .

  • gsx1138

    Awesome news!! I'm glad you are finally living life. It's good to see that everything is coming together for you and your family. I wish other JW's could learn what it takes to really be the happiest people on earth.

  • outoftheorg

    Hey Lyin/Wild.

    Sounds like you guys are enjoying life. Way to go guys. Your kids will get to participate and feel good and accepted. W.T. gets to do the same. You get to go to the games and brag on the boys AND the hubby! I am proud of you and glad for you.

    Quite a change from the Borg days huh?

  • roybatty

    Congrats! I know the feeling. This is the second year that I've coached my son's football team. It's a LOT of work but it's very rewarding. I keep thinking "wow, if I didn't leave the borg, I would have missed out on this."

    Kind of funny though, his mom and all of my JW family treat me like a leper and tell my son that "football is bad association." Well, guess what? Last year we went to the championship and guess who was there? All of them! LOL! And to top it off we won!!!!

    There is a good web site call It has some pretty good drills.

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