What Was Your Happiest Moment Ever?

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  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    Religously, the night they last expelled me. Light bulbs went on and the rest was history!

    Guest 77

  • Francois


    If only.

    I don't even know where Susan McGraw is any more. And the hardest part to admit is that it was 100% my fault. Mine. She was perfect. And likely still is.


  • DakotaRed

    The very happiest moment was when my oldest daughter was born. I was allowed to be in the delivery room and watching that was something I'll never forget. The second happiest was when my youngest daughter was born. I wasn't allowed to be in the delivery room and had to wait four floors down for any information. My third happiest was feeling the wheels lift off the ground at Cam Rahn Bay airbase as the freedom bird left with me in it for the last time. Fourth on my list was recently making contact with my old best buddy from Vietnam. The last time I saw him was when his helicopter was shot down and crashed in two balls of flame. I knew he survived, but never had contact again until just a couple months ago.

    I have many other very happy moments, but those are at the top of my list.

    Lew W

  • Jesika

    My son had to have major surgery at 2days old. A 50-50 chance of living. He is 8 now, and healthy. None of my JW family even called or visited. I am happy he is alive and healthy and my JW family missed it all, they are not healthy for him, so he is growing up normal---which makes me smile everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thewiz


    did i miss something?

    no one said leaving the borg?


    oh mine? it has happened yet

    it's my death (i'm in a dark period, leave me alone -should take up painting huh? like Van Gogh, paint for 10 years, see a one legged prostitute, cut off part of ear, walk out into a field, and blast myself in the chest).

    it's the endless peace i crave.

  • LyinEyes

    My happiest moment ever, was when all three of my children survived birth and grew to be healthy and strong. I almost lost all of them, but the premature last one Chance, was supposed to only live for a few minutes. They told us there was not alot of hope he will live, (even weeks before he was born,) but they said there is always a chance. That is how he got his name, I was still a jw then and thought that if he didnt have a chance to be a happy, healthy little boy in this world, in God's new world he would have his chance.

    Well he survived and just fine ,,,,,,,,,,, he is a hell raiser ,as predicited by his uncle, as I cried at the news of my unborn baby's future.

    The night wild turkey and I, jumped the fence at the park and had a most wonderful night alone together. We were so young, but we both knew at that moment it would be forever. Oh what a night!

    A more current happiest moment, wild turkey and I looking at our son, dressed in his first football uniform playing his heart out,and smiling at us from a distance.

    I hope you ask this question from time to time ,,,, it was a great idea. I am sure there will be much more to add on my list.

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    my happiest moment was watching my kids make it to the world, my wife survive the ordeal and live to see them grow into sweet young ladies....on going happiness is having a friend to lean on like wild turkey and his wife who lovingly puts up with us

  • teejay

    >> Nye Beach, Oregon Coast, post-Christmas 2000 and early 2001. The closest I may ever get to having it all.

    Dang, Was!

    Having it all? ALL? Care to elaborate?

    The wiz,

    you're joking, right?

  • BeautifulGarbage

    I have pondered "Happiest moment". I don't have one. Really, I don't.

    I certainly do have some "happy" times. But happiest? Nope.

    I have proud moments.

    I have "whew!" moments.

    I have hilarious moments.

    I have amazed moments.

    I think I am fortunate to have those.

    So, I'm ain't complainin'


  • plmkrzy

    I'm saving mine for when I die. I know it's selfish but hey, You only die once?

    In the mean time I'm collecting a box load of almost happiest moments.

    I think I will be the happiest if when I have spent my time I can look back and see that my kids are happy and doing great in life.

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