hi, im new here

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  • Vivamus

    Welcome Brown Eyes!

    This is a great place to hang out. I'm not brown eyed myself (blue) but I am a girl and have a nose for impossible, or near-impossible relations... Welcome again, and feel free to email me.


  • Crazy151drinker

    So Viv, are you trying to say its impossible for us to work things out???

  • Vivamus

    No Crazy, not impossible. But you have broken my heart , to heal.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Im shopping for diamonds right now......its only money......

  • Vivamus

    Oww, Crazy! You do know how to make a girl happy! This will certainly mollify my heart.

    Id love some earrings by the way

  • RandomTask

    Vivamus, pimpin' it...

    you go!

  • Silverleaf

    Hi brwneyedgrl!

    Welcome to the board. I'm one of those non-witnesses who had a relationship [sorry I mean 'disasterous' relationship] with a witness. I can tell you this - life goes on and it gets better when you walk away from the bad relationships. If he can't love you with all his heart because the 'organization' comes first, then he can't love you enough to make it work. It's hard to let go, but if you read some of the stories here you'll see that relationships where one person is in the BORG and one person is not are difficult at best, horrendous at worst.

    I came here at first out of curiosity and I stay - partly because this place is addictive and partly because, like a lot of others here, if I can help someone by sharing my experiences, I'm happy to.

    Silverleaf - married 10 years today to a non-JW

  • brwneyedgrl1

    hi all, thanks for the many replies. i guess i should elaborate on what i said before. i met a JW when i was in tenth grade. i developed a crush on him as soon as i met him. he was just so nice. i made it really obvious that i liked him, but he just didnt seem interested in me. well, two years passed and then our senior year we became really close friends.

    at the end of senior year, i found out that he developed feelings for me as well. so we saw each other off and on that summer and then a week before i went away to college, he told me that we couldnt be together b/c of our different religions. so we still kept in touch while i was away at school. and then when we saw each other a few months later, we were back together. our relationship continued into my sophomore year of college and we became extremely close around march, like actually referring to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend and we knew that we were in love with each other. but the closer we got, the more controlling he got...(i'll touch on this later ---i dont even have the strength to go there right now) and we got into a lot of fights over stupid trivial things. anyway, we broke up for good at the end of june and have remained apart since then.

    we still talk on IM and we call each other to see how the other is doing. it's just been really rough b/c we love each other very much and want to be together but we know we cant be b/c of religious differences. it's not like we havent talked about the differences in our religion. we have. and it just ends up w/ both of us getting really frustrated. i want so badly for him to see the truth, ya know? it really breaks my heart. anyway, i just thought id elaborate a bit on my experience. have a good night everyone.


  • bigfloppydog

    Just wanted to send you a big WELCOME "Brown Eyes."

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Welcome Brown Eyes,

    My daughter is in a similar, although younger situation. I have lots of questions, so I will e mail you.

    concerned mama

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