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  • In_between_days
    I thought to myself, "I only asked you out, I didn't propose!"

    Witnesses encourage that you cannot date someone without a view to marriage. I only had one JW boyfriend (well, he was kind of inactive) and I never had to have a chaperone, but after we broke up we remained friends, and THEN my parents insisted that we take a chaperone along - What's with that? They thought it was weird that we were still friends.

    My brother on the other hand, always had to have a chaperone, even if he was just going 10 minutes up the road in the car with her. And I ALWAYS had to be the chaperone uuurgh!

    Alot of my JW friends did'nt like dating for these reasons, so just resorted to constant drunken snogging at wild JW parties (yes, we had them).

  • Reborn2002

    I'm with Lisa.


    What are you talking about?

    I was considered one of the more worldly-type Jehovah's Witnesses as I made my fade out into an eventual DA.

    I dated one JW girl, and I was 20 years old when I did that. It turned out to be the absolute worst experience of my life.

    But, while we were talking, I got preached to and criticized by the entire congregation as being too young. They kept saying the "marriage" word even though it had NEVER crossed my mind. Remember, you cannot date ONE SINGLE TIME in the Jehovah's Witness CULT unless you have marriage in mind.... but this presents a paradox. How the FUCK are you supposed to know if you want to marry someone unless you spend quality time with them?


    *sigh* this brings back BAD memories.

    In any event, as I said, I was one of the more controversial ones. There were other members of the congregation that were in their mid 20's and had never been out on a date.

  • av8orntexas

    Restore status is inactive...out-of -site out of the radar.....

    LDH and Reborn...been there..I'm 25 now..I didn't grow up in the truth..and was considered "good" by most. All the JW girls considered me a friend and found myself alone with some sisters a few times...mainly because I think some thought I wouldn't try anything....and I wouldn't have....but if they'd offered.....I was game

    I know what you mean Reborn on the mom was constantly on my ASS about talking to sisters...brothers giving me the up and down look for ONLY saying hi to their daughter.

    Thus I never got the hint when a ceratain sister would call me constantly. I talk a bit but find a reason to hang up..SINCE according to the society..there was no good reason two people of the opposite sex should spend considerable time talking. ......this was my mom's biggest thing "you need to watch how much you talk to such and such"..."don't you think you're calling such and such so much ? " Like Reborn.....WHEN exactly do you get to know what this person is about ?

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