To all of my family.... and yes I mean you all

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  • ugg

    thank is nice....truly....

  • YoursChelbie

    But I guess I miss the feeling of going home again,,,, you know the feeling you get when you are loved no matter what. I know wild turkey feels the same way.


    Your expressions sum up the way I feel too. Everybody needs to feel accepted. We can't express our views at the KH meetings that's for sure. The Dub idea of "encouragement" is sitting through a "Watchtower" study on Sundays. When we answer we are basically reading the information back to the conductor. WHAT A JOKE!

    Ted J. will dance the macarena in drag before the KH meetings become a real discussion where we can express our doubts and questions.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank some people with whom I've shared some fun with and who has made me feel welcome. I talk to you on chat---so you know who you are: Scootergirl, Dede, rocky, Gopher, ONACRUSE, Jesika, William Penwell, Prisca, hillbilly, Cowboy, Scully, DJ, Maximumflash, Oh I know I'm forgetting some names........(((You know who you are))))


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  • maximumflash

    I wish I could say that I understand where you are coming from but I can't being that I am a "never been."

    However, I can say that I am glad that all of you are making amends, some with the help of this board.

    The important thing IMO is that all of you, on this board and around the world, find some kind of peace and happiness with your new life.

    "Welcome to the real world." - The Matrix
  • bikerchic

    Wow dede what a nice letter, and what great replies, I have nothing to add that hasn't been said already albeit by others, but I ditto it nontheless!

    I've tottaly enjoyed our chats in "chat", you and WT are awesome and I hope someday to make your aquaintance IRL.



  • Windchaser

    Dede, thank you so much for writing this. I have been very sad lately, thinking about leaving. I feel that I am too fluffy, too uneducated about the borg, too shallow to post anymore.

    The important thing IMO is that all of you, on this board and around the world, find some kind of peace and happiness with your new life.
    Maximum, you are right. I hope we all find peace and happiness, too.
  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Dede and WildTurkey, Tinkerbell and I really loved that letter. You have a great husband who seems to have your best interest at heart. We both feel as you do about this board. All here who express from their hearts are in a special place in our own hearts. Thanks to all y'all.



  • Imbue

    ((((Dede)))) You are so sweet and loving. Your family's loss is out gain!

    I am proud of who I am now, as of later tonight , I will be disassociated. And that is the way I want it, I prefer to be with the real people, with real love and real values.

    You hit the nail on the head here because it's about reality. Dubs live in LaLa land and pretend that all is well within the org. Those that have left seem be living in reality!

    The term "Apostate" used to be such a dirty word to me........... now it means brother/sister.

    LOL...This statement is so true. Now you are free to live in the real world!

  • Solace

    It was such a relief to find out that I was not alone. When you have your entire J.W. family treating you like you are some kind of lunatic for not believing what they believe, you almost start to believe you may be one (a lunatic that is). Thanks to everyone for being here and for helping me feel a little less crazy and alone.

  • LyinEyes

    Thanks to all who replied, I guess we really do all feel the same about each other. I even dream of you guys I know you have a hold on me if I dream about you!!

    My dream would to meet each and everyone on this board in person, I am working on that too.

    We had so much loving brotherhood at the dallas apostofest, I cant wait to do another. Now that fall is around the corner, we may be able to travel to visit some of your futher away. Of course with the kids in school, we are more tied down, but hope to get away at least for a weekend.

    Hugs and love to all of you, Dede


    Hey LyinEyes,I read your post,those are some kind thoughts.You and Wild Turkey are a nice addition to the board...OUTLAW

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