To all of my family.... and yes I mean you all

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  • blindfool

    Your letter really touched me lyin'. I haven't posted much lately because I just started a new job and I'm trying to really work hard at it, but I am keeping up with all of you from your posts.

    My wife went to the meeting this past Sunday for the first time since "Dateline". I don't really know what she is thinking. My wife and I can talk about everything, except religion.

    I'll be thinking of you and WT, I know its going to be tough for you tonight when the announcement is made.

    BTW, have your kids started school yet? It was really interesting to me reading about how excited they were about attending school. My situation is a bit different. Since I have never been a witness, I've been able to at least have my kids involved in school and sports for a long time.

    Take care and if you talk to joy in chat, tell her hello for me!!

  • Dutchie
    The term "Apostate" used to be such a dirty word to me........... now it means brother/sister.

    Profound statement!

  • joannadandy

    ((((((Lyin)))))) You're such a sweetie!

    I was trying to explain this place to my sister a few days ago. Words failed me...I do care of all the posters here as well, even the ones I totally disagree with and would like to shake guess that's what sibblings are like. I also value everyone here for their courage and contributions, (yes even the ones I disagree with-how else can we learn from each other) and it's so fun to find so many people to relate with on so many levels. No one understands us the way we understand each other, and it's a beautiful thing to witness on this board daily...

  • plmkrzy
    I went ten years without contact and upon finding this site - I found home; I found family; I found friends; I found community.

    I isolated myself for so many years it became the only way of life I could recognize.

    Only socialized with (allowed to get some what close to) very few people.

    My family pretty much dwendled to 3 people (4 counting non-blood relitives)until I found this place. It's been great. Even the irritating ones are merely irritating siblings in my mind.

    (((((((Hugs all around)))))))

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  • jack2

    Lyin I'm glad your finding support here, and feel a sense of community with those who post here.

    I enjoy this place very much and it's by far my most frequently visited place on the Net. I've met some folks here that I consider to be real friends. I do wish that it would be possible to get to know some in person because I do think that's usually an advantage; but lacking that, I do still agree that a sense of community does exist here.

    As has been mentioned before, the jw experience (mostly negative unfortunatley) is quite unique, and it serves as a common bond that can indeed be strong. Until a person has been chewed up and spit out by the .Borg, it's hard to really understand the commonality that exists here.

  • Mulan

    Thank you for such a nice letter. This board has been wonderful for me too, and my husband may start posting soon, after meeting so many at Princess' apostofest last Saturday.

    We have met some great people through this board..............some in person, but most through emails and posts. I LOVE it here!! Much cheaper than therapy, and probably much more effective too!!

    Who says you won't have friends if you leave the Borg???

  • anglise

    Just like to add the same. I couldnt believe at first that here were people writing about the same things that we felt and experienced. You just know that these posters are genuine.

    Can I also say a BIG THANKYOU to Simon and Angharad for allowing us to meet in their sitting room -so's to speak-we are quite some group.

    Still at least they dont have to get the extra chairs out for us lol.

    Thankyou everyone


  • JanH

    (((( dede ))) Thanks for great "letter".

    Even though I left the dubs along with a group of friends back then, it was really invaluable to have net contacts worldwide to talk to. Have met a number of them in RL over the years, too.

    - Jan

  • RandomTask

    I have only been coming here for a couple of weeks or so, but I have to say ditto to a lot of what you guys are saying. Its good to have a group of real people out there who have had almost the same expieriences that you have. Its fun here and I have a good time and thats only possible because of the excellent people that post here.

    Thanks Lyin for bringing this up.

  • SloBoy

    Lyin Eyes...thanks for the of the tools the WBTS uses well is what I like to call the ' dynamic of isolation '. First off, when you question certain policies or conduct, your concerns are usually invalidated and you are asked to get in step with the rest of the worldwide brotherhood and wait on Jehovah, like you are the only one, anywhere, concerned about such a matter. Then, as the process moves you to questioning the Organization, you are given the ol' " there is nothing out there but total lonliness for people like you ". Once again, by testimony to this site and to the many who post, the WBTS's fear of the internet is well-founded.

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