THANKS to Steve and Rachael

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  • Carmel

    I just want to take the opportunity to thank Steve and Rachael (Princess) for hosting an excellent party. Contrary to what may have been a false impression, though there was beer and wine for those who wanted, the gathering was not a "kegger" and teetotalers and children were both safe!

    My personal thanks and warmest regards to our wonderful hostess and host.

    PS, Steve, the car still stinks, and boy did I get a tongue lashing from the missus! :-)


  • LB

    PS, Steve, the car still stinks, and boy did I get a tongue lashing from the missus! :-)

    They are nice people, I'm sure they would have allowed you to use the restroom before leaving.

  • Mulan

    LB, you are too funny.

    We are having some of the leftover salmon tonight. I can't wait. Soooo yummy!

  • Swan

    I want to thank them as well. It was a really enjoyable event, after I got over my initial nervousness (1st Apostafest jitters). It was very theraputic for me.

    My husband enjoyed himself too, and he's never been a JW! He found plenty in common to talk about with the people there.


  • Princess

    It was our pleasure Carmel! Sorry about the stinky car. That car is too pretty to smell like salmon, hope you find a way to get it out.

    The salmon is just fabulous. I reluctantly shared some of the leftovers, but had enough for a couple of meals for my family too. Thanks again and tell your wife we are sorry about the car.

    I'll point Steve (lurker) toward this thread when he gets home from the gym.


  • Carmel


    When Steve comes home, tell him I'm not able to locate the BBQ Grill on Sears. Is he sure he bought it from them?


  • Princess

    Yes Carm, I was with him. We bought it at Sears just before Father's Day. Maybe they aren't carrying them anymore since it is August. Walmart had them too but not the exact model. I'll check around too.


  • Princess

    Steve is home now and says to check the Brinkmann's website, also New Braunfels. He likes the New Braunfels better since it is a bit heavier gauge, they also have a website. We saw a New Braunfels at Walmart, it was the same design but much smaller than the Brinkmann we bought.

  • SloBoy

    Steve and Rachel.... I just got home today. What a great get-together it was. It was the highlight of my trip. Putting together something like that can't be taken for granted. You two have a lovely home and your efforts were certainly rewarded. Though I didn't know most of the folks present, everyone made me feel welcomed and secure. It was so special, and the benefits of being there with all of you will continue. Sincerely, SloBoy

  • CoolBreeze

    SloBoy, are you from my neck of the woods in California? Feel free to email me if you don't want to disclose your location here.


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