Trashing The USA.

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  • Spartacus

    I took my 12 year old daughter to London England for spring break this year and we loved it. People were very nice, the weather was kinda damp but the pubs was cool and the ladies were very forward. Kinda nice to know I still got it. :D

  • waiting

    I am going to butcher this quote, so please keep the thought in mind, if not the wording. I read this recently somewhere on the net - just don't have a clue where/when/who.

    USA friend speaking with his English friend:

    USA: Ha! America broke free from you guys and we've been living high & free since then!

    English: Well, if you had learned to drink tea properly, we would still own you.

    Everybody wants to be Top Dog. Glad to know some dogs want to be friends, too.


  • Xandria

    hum I guess I am S.O.L then .. I am part mexican /spanish (father's side) and Scottish/ Irish/ Cherokee Indian/German / American from my mom's side.

    I have nothing against any country ( unless they are out to destroy everyone ). Now I have a few questions... what is up w/ Scottish and English food.. is it based on a dare ?

    I'd dareee ye to eat it ? Haggis, Scottish Eggs ( like there isn't enough HGH in the eggs), Bubble and Squeak, Spotted Dick, and the list goes on.

    I know we have our MickyD's and so on. An have any of you tried our Oh so tempting Southern Dishes ( made w/ Crisco - they fry everything in the south). Possum in a Can.. ooh that conjures up a tempting mental image. Or Jugged Hare.

    What I am saying to everyone... despite our cultural differences.. we can be friends.


    Of the mixed breed class.

  • Crazy151drinker

    The great thing about being American is that we get to taste all the f-ed up food from every culture!! Cow brains anyone?? Pickled herring??? Pigs Feet??? Bull testicles??? I think ill stick with Carls Jr.

  • SYN

    We don't have Starbucks where I live, but we do have the equivalent, Seattle Coffee, which is a really cool place that teaches people the coffee language, which is truly diggable! You'll walk in and say "Short Vanilla Latte, No Fun With Wings", and instead of calling the local nuthouse, they give you an excellent cup of coffee!

    Plus, our exchange rate is bloody ridiculous, so we pay about 1/10 of the price that you people in the States pay for exactly the same thing! MWHUAHAHA!

  • plmkrzy

    The most I paid for a Starbucks coffee was(keep in mind I had a really really bad headache and need it) $4.65

    It was a Quad Venti Vanilla latte' on Ice no fome with whip.

    At the time I was at work and it was the best $4.65 I ever spent. My headache didn't know what hit it.

    Pain killers don't do much for me it's a waist of time to take them.

  • LB

    Well Englishman I appreciate the comments. Celtic, maybe call someone else next time you need your ass bailed out???

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